Ashneer Grover Calls Out Business Journalists’ Oversight: Failure to Verify BharatPe’s Annual FY22 Report

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Ashneer Grover, the notable entrepreneur and CEO of BharatPe, has expressed disappointment with business journalists for their oversight in not thoroughly checking BharatPe’s annual report for the fiscal year 2022. Grover’s remarks highlight the importance of accurate and diligent reporting within the business journalism realm.

1.The Criticism: Journalists’ Lack of Verification

Ashneer Grover has criticised business journalists for failing to verify BharatPe’s FY22 annual report before reporting on it. Grover emphasises the necessity of journalists conducting thorough fact-checking and ensuring the accuracy of their articles. By not scrutinising the annual report, journalists may inadvertently spread misinformation or misinterpretations.

2.The Significance of Annual Reports

Annual reports are crucial documents that provide insights into a company’s financial performance, strategies, and future prospects. Business journalists rely on these reports to inform their articles and offer readers an accurate representation of a company’s state. Failing to examine and verify such reports can lead to incomplete or misleading narratives.

3.The Role of Journalists in Fact-Checking

Journalists play a vital role in verifying information and maintaining the integrity of their reporting. They have a responsibility to conduct thorough research, cross-reference sources, and ensure the accuracy of their claims. By diligently fact-checking, journalists can uphold professional standards and deliver reliable news to their audience.

4.Promoting Accurate and Ethical Reporting

Ashneer Grover’s criticism serves as a reminder for business journalists to prioritize accuracy, credibility, and ethical reporting practices. Verifying information, seeking multiple perspectives, and consulting primary sources are essential steps in producing well-informed and reliable news articles. Upholding these principles is crucial for maintaining the trust of readers and fostering a healthy business journalism ecosystem.


Ashneer Grover’s criticism of business journalists for not checking BharatPe’s FY22 annual report underscores the significance of accurate reporting within the industry. Journalists have a crucial role in fact-checking and ensuring the reliability of their sources. By upholding ethical reporting practices, journalists can contribute to a more informed and trustworthy business journalism landscape.