“Collaboration and tie ups with the best industry experts”.

“Collaboration and tie ups with the best industry experts”.

It’s said that years of experience can teach you the learnings without even living the years yourself and grasp the learnings. That is why good mentors, teachers, Certifications, tie ups are really important. 

When you get to see all the aspects of a situation you evolve differently. Your growth becomes fast and your vision becomes broader.  

Tie Ups are like a helping hand to organizations because they help increase their outreach and at the same time provide them space to perform with the best resources available.  

Keeping a vision to help our students explore the industry, we are having tie ups with multiple companies and colleges which is helping our students have a good exposure of the Industry through them.  

Our official partners –  

Authorized Certification partners –  

  1. University of Texas, Arlington. 
  1. Adobe  
  1. Autodesk  
  1. University of Dubai. 
  1. Mississippi state university. 
  1. Microsoft 
  1. University of Tennessee, knoxville. 
  1. Cognizance 
  1. Aviate ( Lifetime validity) 
  1. IEEE  
  1. IEEE,PES 
  1. Marian engineering college 

Industry Associations-  

  1. Hapla, Singapore. 
  1. Future Netwings PVT LTD. 
  1. Adhiroha solutions. 
  1. Aviate Robotics.  

College Associations-  

  1. Cognizance IIT Roorkee 2022 – Roorkee 
  1. E- cell IIT Kharagpur 2021 – Kharagpur 
  1. E-cell IIT Bhubaneswar 
  1. E-cell RV College of Engineering- Bangalore. 
  1. Sridevi Institute of Technology – Mangalore. 
  1. IEEE PES SBC MCE – Kerala.  
  1. PES college of Engineering – Aurangabad.  
  1. Eclectica Techno main salt lake. 
  1. Usha mittal institute of technology. 


  1. Deogiri institute of engineering and management studies. 
  1. Pes college of engineering, Aurangabad. 
  1. Karamaveer Dadasaheb kannamwar engineering college. 
  1. Shreyash college of engineering and technology, Aurangabad. 

What’s interesting ?  

Initially, starting our careers we tend to choose things and later realize that it’s not what we want to do.  

So, if someone has started their career in a non IT field and wants to restart their career into the  IT sector, Microsoft Certification fundamentals(MCF) can really help. If you’re good at what you do and have a MCF you’re good to go.  

Another great Certification we offer is Autodesk, which comes with a lifetime validity. Providing you opportunities and value at the same time.  

Mentors –  

We have mentors from the best of the companies and organizations like Sheffield Hallam University, Accenture, Capgemini, ITC, etc.  

Just to get our students the best guidance and mentorship. So that they can perform their best at every level so that they become Job ready  and life ready. 

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