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Switch from generic/piecemeal to holistic supplementation with YourHappylife

India is witnessing a revolution in nutritional understanding. And better knowledge of our requirements has been pushing the growth of the preventive care supplements industry.

However, this high growth has also paved the way for a market flooded with ‘me-too’ products, where it’s near impossible to differentiate one from the other. Generic piecemeal formulations, old-school delivery formats, and poorly sourced ingredients have become the norm. With ballooning adoption rates of health & wellness supplements in India, sub-par products have found a foothold because they are easy to develop, quick to manufacture & presented at a low cost. But in our opinion not for long. Consumers understand the difference in quality. In an age of huge developments across industries, these supplements are still using the science of the last century & low-quality elements. Consumers want & deserve better.

To address these issues and build an overall health and wellness brand for the new-age customers. Serial entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, and biohacker Harpreet Vir Singh founded YourHappyLife (YHL) with a simple mission – To create an innovative and complete solution built at an intersection of direct and indirect functionality. A clean label holistic wellbeing and long term benefits – The Complete Solution.

Formulated with scientific precision, in-depth research, globally sourced premium ingredients & the market has proven for high functionality YHL supplements have been engineered for the new age consumer.

The self-growth optimizer/wellness brand took two years to cultivate its ideologies into a product, and after months of consistent research, development & trials, it launched in August 2021. Over these last nine months, YHL has built a line of products with impeccable and refined formulations with high efficacy. YourHappyLife products have helped numerous clients achieve the results they set out to find, resulting in quick adoption & high retention rate among its consumers – something which the brand is proud of and considers one of its hallmark offerings. YourHappyLife is to launch seven new complete wellness solutions over the next two months, all of which have been in development and trials for the past year.

Building a brand on personal battles and real-world experiences

You know a brand cares and understands the core needs of today’s consumers when the brainchild behind it tackled health challenges itself. YourHappyLife founder Harpreet Vir Singh has dealt with IBS & chronic inflammation since 2016. As a result of his fast-paced life, diet & poor quality of supplementation. In his search for effective and high-performance supplements that worked, he found that almost all existing health products had debatable ingredients sourced cheaply, with ineffective formulations or outdated delivery formats with poor taste.

Harpreet soon realized an immense need for innovation in this space.

Effective holistic solutions branded and developed for the new-age consumer, which also tasted great and were clean labels (non genetically modified or chemically synthesized) – which is when he found the inspiration to start YourHappyLife.

Generic & Piecemeal vs Complete Solutions

Legacy supplements are outdated – not only do they contain large amounts of inactive sugars or chemicals that add additional strain on our internal systems to flush out, but low in nutrients.

In this fast-paced world, who has the time to consume a bunch of different supplements for a single result? Wouldn’t we rather take one supplement for a particular benefit or functionality – a product that encompasses all that our body requires directly & indirectly to achieve that functionality? Why settle for a single hero ingredient (Example: Vitamin C) for immunity which our body cannot entirely absorb when you can have a new age precision dose of 15 ingredients formulated with a full spectrum nutrient base that provides you a complete immunity solution & also tastes great!

Hence while most health and wellness brands still have multiple products for the same needs with a single hero ingredient base or poor ingredients selection, YHL focuses on building complete solutions!

YHL uses a precision technique to identify the direct and indirect markers that lead to the desired result. Using this research, their team of R&D experts then builds out a thorough formulation to encompass a holistic approach towards effective results, using ingredients (sourced globally) that are most suited to high efficacy ratios. Hence, YHL supplements do not only address the direct functionality of the concern. But nurture those parts of your body that need higher and gradual healing for a wholesome solution. YHL products are designed to be delicious to consume. Full-spectrum solutions that also taste great! So would you rather take a piecemeal/generic formulation approach or choose a Complete Solution?

Disruption via Innovation

Just like modern medicine, industrial growth, and even the latest smartphone technology all represent forward momentum — Harpreet believes one’s supplements should constantly be advancing and adapting to the present needs of the consumer. YHL believes that the Indian consumer is becoming more and more aware and has complex needs. Consistent innovation in formulation and development is the key aspect of differentiation in the long run. Their products aim to disrupt the existing deficient wellness industry by providing functional and easily-adoptable solutions. Already two of their products – Collagen (Advanced) and Weight Management (Gummies) – have become the Amazon Choice and Nykaa Best Sellers.

YHL – Creating a paradigm shift in Health and Wellness:

YHL supplements are forward momentum, power-packed, and did we mention delicious? Here at YourHappyLife, we live by the tagline – Innovative Future Science Complete Solutions. With their complete solutions, YHL aims to spark a steady and positive paradigm shift in how people view supplementation and strive to provide the highest quality health & wellness available.

The future is now, with YourHappyLife.

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