Mrs Sapan kay cee concern about the decline of the Congress party in the country’s political arena. From being the single dominant party in India to its pathetic performance in the recently held elections, the Congress party has been on a steady downhill journey. The jolt to the Congress Party workers comes at a time when Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi tendered his resignation as party president. Not just Party Worker even people losing faith in Congress’ ability to lead. There are many reasons why Indians have lost faith in Congress it can Leadership, Style of Politics, Old style of campaigning and Confidence. Even if people had faith in Congress, they did not have faith in Rahul Gandhi & Gandhi family now some think that their goal is not the betterment of the society but the betterment of themselves.  

India today needs somebody who believes in teamwork, collaboration and cooperation. India today really needs someone who believes in truth rather than lies, who believes in trust and not mistrust, who believes in inclusion and not exclusion & people don’t like dynasty in politics now. People of India completely refuse Gandhi family.   

Rahul-Priyanka duo has completely failed in last 5 state election , now it’s time to bring new face for congress party they wants some new person as people who can take the country forward, rather than keeping it hung up on history and religion and just sycophants who only wants to be power or in party. New leader combine can game changer for Congress. The leaders who have really knowledge of politics in ground level , they should be represent a large young team in the party, they should be modern, they should be tech-savvy with a healthy respect for history and new vision for the future. 

You have to show that leaders in congress party are not driven by personal and vested interests. The party and leaders are driven by the people at the bottom of the economic pyramid. They are driven by opportunities for the young and for the welfare of farmers.  

They can swiftly infuse fresh energy into the party. It’s a time to bring youth icons in mainstream politics for the betterment of Nation and Congress Party.