FashionTech startups in India are revolutionizing the fashion industry by merging the worlds of fashion and technology. These innovative companies are leveraging advancements in technology to create new and exciting experiences for consumers, designers, and businesses alike. From e-commerce platforms to virtual try-on solutions, these startups are transforming the way we discover, shop for, and experience fashion.

FashionTech startups in India are at the forefront of blending fashion and technology to create unique and personalized experiences for customers. They are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and other cutting-edge technologies to enhance various aspects of the fashion ecosystem.

These startups are addressing a wide range of challenges and opportunities within the fashion industry. They are enabling virtual try-on experiences, allowing customers to visualize how clothing and accessories will look on them without trying them on physically. By using AI algorithms and computer vision technology, they offer accurate sizing recommendations and personalized style suggestions, making online shopping more convenient and personalized.

FashionTech startups are also exploring sustainable and eco-friendly solutions, focusing on responsible fashion practices. They are promoting ethical manufacturing, recycling, and upcycling to reduce the industry’s environmental impact. Additionally, some startups are developing smart textiles and wearable technology, integrating sensors and other functionalities into clothing to enhance functionality, comfort, and performance.

“Fashion’s Digital Frontier: India’s Top 15 FashionTech Startups Shaping the Future”


Founder: Anand Shahani and Mehak Shahani

Established Year: 2014

CEO: Anand Shahani

Impact: WedMeGood is an online platform that assists couples in planning their weddings by providing inspiration, vendor recommendations, and planning tools. It aims to simplify the wedding planning process and connect couples with wedding service providers.

Targeted Audience: Couples planning their weddings and individuals in the wedding service industry.

The Postbox

Founder: Namrata G and Sharan Kumaar

Established Year: 2015

CEO: Namrata G

Impact: The Postbox is an online platform that offers a curated collection of handcrafted lifestyle products and stationery. It collaborates with independent designers and artisans to showcase their unique creations.

Targeted Audience: Individuals looking for unique handcrafted lifestyle products and stationery.

Brown Living

Founder: Ashish Gupta and Priyanka Sharma

Established Year: 2018

CEO: Ashish Gupta

Impact: Brown Living is an online marketplace that focuses on sustainable and eco-friendly home decor products. It offers a range of products made from natural and recycled materials, promoting environmentally conscious living.

Targeted Audience: Individuals interested in sustainable and eco-friendly home decor products.

Ethereal Machines

Founder: Kaushik Mudda and Navin Jain

Established Year: 2014

CEO: Kaushik Mudda

Impact: Ethereal Machines specializes in the development of advanced manufacturing technologies, including 3D printers and CNC machines. They aim to empower manufacturers with cutting-edge technologies for improved productivity and precision.

Targeted Audience: Manufacturers and businesses seeking advanced manufacturing technologies.


Founder: Abhinav Agarwal and Ankur Agarwal

Established Year: 2012

CEO: Ankur Agarwal

Impact: Gritstones is an online fashion brand that offers trendy and affordable clothing for men and women. It focuses on providing stylish and comfortable apparel to its customers.

Targeted Audience: Fashion-conscious individuals looking for trendy and affordable clothing options.


Founder: Sujata Chatterjee

Established Year: 2016

CEO: Sujata Chatterjee

Impact: Suta is a sustainable fashion brand that specializes in handwoven and ethically made sarees. It aims to promote the craftsmanship of weavers and provide sustainable fashion options to customers.

Targeted Audience: Individuals interested in sustainable and handwoven sarees.


Founder: Keshav Bansal

Established Year: 2018

CEO: Keshav Bansal

Impact: Dmodot is a footwear brand that offers high-quality shoes designed with a blend of Indian aesthetics and global trends. It aims to provide fashionable footwear options for men and women.

Targeted Audience: Individuals looking for stylish and unique footwear options.


Founder: Alvin Chia

Established Year: 2014

CEO: Alvin Chia

Impact: Hiverlab specializes in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) solutions for various industries, including fashion and retail. They provide immersive experiences and visualization tools to enhance customer engagement.

Targeted Audience: Fashion and retail businesses looking to leverage VR and AR technologies for customer engagement.


Founder: Tushar Ahluwalia, Nishrit Shrivastva, and Aashna Chopra

Established Year: 2012

CEO: Tushar Ahluwalia

Impact: StalkBuyLove is an online fashion brand that offers trendy and affordable clothing for women. It aims to provide a curated collection of fashionable apparel with a focus on fast fashion.

Targeted Audience: Women looking for trendy and affordable clothing options.


Founder: Nidhi Agarwal and Siddharth Agarwal

Established Year: 2013

CEO: Siddharth Agarwal

Impact: PeachMode is an online platform that showcases a wide range of ethnic Indian fashion, including sarees, suits, and lehengas. It aims to provide a diverse collection of traditional Indian wear for women.

Targeted Audience: Women seeking ethnic Indian fashion and traditional wear.

Wink & Nod

Founder: Shiv Shankar and Kshitij Puri

Established Year: 2016

CEO: Shiv Shankar

Impact: Wink & Nod is a sleep solutions brand that offers premium mattresses, pillows, and bedding products. It focuses on providing comfortable and innovative sleep solutions to improve sleep quality.

Targeted Audience: Individuals looking for high-quality and comfortable sleep products.


Founder: Gautam Tewari and Tithi Tewari

Established Year: 2015

CEO: Gautam Tewari

Impact: SmartVizX is a virtual reality (VR) solutions provider that specializes in creating immersive virtual experiences for various industries, including architecture, real estate, and fashion. They enable virtual walkthroughs and product visualizations.

Targeted Audience: Fashion businesses and brands looking for VR solutions for product visualization and virtual experiences.


Founder: Shivang Desai and Chandralika Hazarika

Established Year: 2015

CEO: Shivang Desai

Impact: Bigthinx is a fashion AI company that focuses on virtual fitting and sizing solutions. They use AI and computer vision technologies to provide accurate body measurements for virtual try-ons and personalized shopping experiences.

Targeted Audience: Fashion brands and retailers seeking virtual fitting and sizing solutions.

Virtual Fitting Technologies

Founder: Swapnil Shinde and Gautam Kotamraju

Established Year: 2019

CEO: Swapnil Shinde

Impact: Virtual Fitting Technologies offers virtual try-on solutions for fashion and retail businesses. They provide virtual fitting rooms and try-on experiences to enhance customer engagement and reduce product returns.

Targeted Audience: Fashion and retail businesses seeking virtual try-on solutions

These startups are not only catering to consumers but also providing valuable tools and platforms for designers, retailers, and fashion brands. They offer advanced analytics and data-driven insights to help businesses understand consumer preferences, optimize inventory management, and streamline operations. They are also empowering emerging designers and artisans by providing them with a platform to showcase their creations and reach a broader audience.

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