“How RineX is helping you stand out of the crowd.” 

“How RineX is helping you stand out of the crowd.” 

Education and learning are only effective when it makes you solve a purpose out of the box and helps you create an identity of your own. 

Where there are some innovations and new methodologies there stands a chance to make people stand out of the crowd and deliver value. 

RineX has always been with a virtue of making its students stand out of the crowd by providing quality education and best hands on experience. 

Traditionally, skills were not focused upon and education in colleges and institutions are not upto the mark. But in this modern era online education platforms like RineX are changing the game by providing the industry with the skills they need in employees. 

What are things which helps our students stand out- 

  • Internship programs-  Internship programs at RineX are designed focusing upon the fact that on the job training is the best kind of learning anyone can get. We tend to provide all the possible industry experiences and make our students job ready. 
  • Skill enhancement- There are certainties when the right skill set is with you that you’ll get what you want to achieve and we know it. That’s the reason that your skills are focused upon in RineX . 
  • Live sessions- 60-120 hrs of live sessions so that you lack nothing and any type of hindrance must not be there. 
  • Projects- Our projects and assignments include practical knowledge to make you grasp your grip on topics. 
  • Workshops- Workshops on various interesting topics like Quantum computing, blockchain, metaverse, AR & VR, Robotics, Deep learning, ML, etc. To get our students updated with the latest technologies. 
  • Hackathons-  Hackathons are organized monthly and All India Rank is given, so that students can access their growth and know about the areas they have to work upon. Also, students can know where they stand in competition. 
  • Mentors- At RineX we have mentors with more than 15 years of industry experience to carve out the best in students and give them what they actually need. Students can also switch mentors to which they prefer for better understanding. 

Practical knowledge with keen devotion to make our students best we train them, to be the most efficient available options in the job market.  

Also, our internships are exclusively in the fields which are in trend with a minimum package of 3.5 LPA to 20 LPA.  

We carve the best out of you with our mentors having years of industry experience. Having these by your side you stand out of the crowd and maintain your own identity. We are only the medium, you are the resource. With us the journey get more smooth, and your aviation gets higher. 

Right set of mind with master mentors and keen dedication can take your years ahead in your life, and we are fond believers of it.  

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