Renewable energy startups in India are playing a pivotal role in driving the country’s transition towards clean and sustainable energy sources. With a growing focus on reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy adoption, these startups are at the forefront of innovation, offering innovative solutions to meet India’s energy needs while minimizing environmental impact.

India, being one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, faces significant energy challenges, including a heavy reliance on fossil fuels and a rapidly increasing demand for power. However, the Indian government has set ambitious renewable energy targets, aiming to achieve 450 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030. In this scenario, renewable energy startups have emerged as key drivers of change, bringing forth cutting-edge technologies, business models, and services to accelerate the clean energy revolution.

Leading the pack is ReNew Power, a trailblazing startup focused on solar and wind power generation. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, ReNew Power has established itself as a major player in the renewable energy sector, contributing significantly to India’s clean energy transition.

“Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable India: Exploring the Top 10 Renewable Energy Startups Driving Clean Energy Transition”

Cygni Energy

Founder: Venkat Rajaraman

CEO: Venkat Rajaraman

Year: Founded in 2014

Impact: Cygni Energy is a solar energy company that specializes in innovative solar solutions for rural electrification and off-grid applications. They have made significant contributions to providing clean and affordable energy access in remote areas.

Services: Cygni Energy offers solar DC microgrids, solar home systems, solar pumps, and solar street lighting solutions. They also provide energy storage solutions to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

Future Vision: Cygni Energy aims to further develop and deploy its solar solutions, expand its presence in rural and off-grid markets, and contribute to sustainable development through clean energy access.

Gram Power

Founder: Yashraj Khaitan and Jacob Dickinson

CEO: Jacob Dickinson

Year: Founded in 2010

Impact: Gram Power focuses on providing smart grid solutions and decentralized energy management systems. They have played a significant role in rural electrification and improving energy access for underserved communities.

Services: Gram Power offers smart grid solutions, including microgrids, smart meters, and energy management systems. Their technology enables efficient energy distribution, revenue management, and remote monitoring.

Future Vision: Gram Power aims to expand its smart grid solutions, integrate renewable energy resources, and leverage data analytics for improved energy efficiency and grid reliability.

Boond Engineering and Development

Founder: Manoj Sinha

CEO: Manoj Sinha

Year: Founded in 2008

Impact: Boond Engineering and Development is a social enterprise that focuses on providing solar energy solutions for rural communities. They have contributed to rural electrification, livelihood improvement, and women empowerment.

Services: Boond Engineering and Development offers solar-powered products, such as solar home systems, solar lanterns, and solar water pumps. They also provide entrepreneurship and skill development training to local communities.

Future Vision: Boond Engineering and Development aims to expand its reach, empower more rural communities through solar energy, and promote sustainable development at the grassroots level.

Gensol Group

Founder: Anmol Singh Jaggi

CEO: Anmol Singh Jaggi

Year: Founded in 2007

Impact: Gensol Group is a renewable energy consulting and engineering company. They provide services across the entire project lifecycle, contributing to the development and implementation of renewable energy projects.

Services: Gensol Group offers a wide range of services, including project development, design and engineering, financial advisory, project management, and operations and maintenance for solar and wind projects.

Future Vision: Gensol Group aims to continue providing comprehensive consulting and engineering services for renewable energy projects, expand its global presence, and support the growth of the renewable energy sector.

Statkraft BLP Solar Solutions

Founder: Statkraft (Norwegian state-owned energy company) and Bharat Light and Power (BLP)

CEO: Sanjay Kumar Sharma

Year: Joint venture established in 2015

Impact: Statkraft BLP Solar Solutions is a joint venture between Statkraft and Bharat Light and Power. They focus on developing and operating solar power plants, contributing to India’s renewable energy capacity.

Services: Statkraft BLP Solar Solutions offers end-to-end solar solutions, including project development, engineering, construction, and operation of utility-scale solar power plants.

Future Vision: Statkraft BLP Solar Solutions aims to expand its solar portfolio, invest in innovative technologies, and support India’s transition to a clean and sustainable energy future.


Founder: Samit Choksi and Priya Vakil Choksi

CEO: Samit Choksi

Year: Founded in 2015

Impact: ThinkPhi is a sustainable technology company that focuses on developing innovative solutions for energy and water conservation. They have contributed to resource efficiency and sustainability in various sectors.

Services: ThinkPhi offers sustainable products, including energy-efficient lighting systems, smart water management solutions, and waste management systems. They provide solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Future Vision: ThinkPhi aims to continue developing sustainable technology solutions, collaborate with stakeholders for greater impact, and promote sustainable practices across industries.

Clique Solar

Founder: Chintan Soni and Jagdeep Singh

CEO: Jagdeep Singh

Year: Founded in 2010

Impact: Clique Solar is a solar thermal technology company that focuses on providing innovative solar heating and cooling solutions for industrial and commercial applications. They have contributed to reducing carbon emissions and energy costs.

Services: Clique Solar offers Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) solutions, including solar water heating systems, solar air conditioning systems, and solar steam generators. They cater to various industries, such as hospitality, pharmaceuticals, and food processing.

Future Vision: Clique Solar aims to continue innovating in the solar thermal space, expand its customer base, and promote the adoption of sustainable and energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions.

ReGen Powertech

Founder: Madhusudan Khemka

CEO: Madhusudan Khemka

Year: Founded in 1994

Impact: ReGen Powertech is a wind turbine manufacturing company that focuses on providing renewable energy solutions. They have contributed to India’s wind energy capacity and the transition to clean power generation.

Services: ReGen Powertech designs, manufactures, and installs wind turbines, catering to both domestic and international markets. They provide comprehensive solutions, including project development, wind resource assessment, and O&M services.

Future Vision: ReGen Powertech aims to further enhance its wind turbine technology, expand its manufacturing capabilities, and contribute to India’s renewable energy targets.


Founder: Ravi Bhandari

CEO: Ravi Bhandari

Year: Founded in 2008

Impact: Solamatics is a solar energy company that focuses on providing solar thermal solutions for various applications. They have contributed to energy conservation and renewable heating solutions.

Services: Solamatics offers solar thermal products, including solar water heaters, solar air heating systems, and solar industrial process heating solutions. They cater to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Future Vision: Solamatics aims to continue developing efficient solar thermal solutions, explore new applications, and promote renewable heating and cooling options for a sustainable future.

Sun Mobility

Founder: Chetan Maini and Uday Khemka

CEO: Chetan Maini

Year: Founded in 2017

Impact: Sun Mobility is an electric mobility startup that focuses on providing smart battery-swapping solutions for electric vehicles. They have contributed to addressing the challenges of EV charging infrastructure and range anxiety.

Services: Sun Mobility offers battery-swapping infrastructure and services for electric vehicles. Their solutions enable quick and efficient battery swapping, reducing charging time and increasing the convenience of EV ownership.

Future Vision: Sun Mobility aims to expand its battery-swapping network, collaborate with automakers, and accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by addressing charging infrastructure challenges.

These startups, along with others in the renewable energy sector, are driving innovation, research, and development in clean energy technologies. They are also creating new business opportunities, attracting investments, and contributing to India’s economic growth.

The growth of renewable energy startups in India has been supported by favorable government policies and initiatives, such as the National Solar Mission, incentives for clean energy projects, and tax benefits for renewable energy companies. These factors have created an enabling environment for startups to thrive and make a significant impact on the country’s clean energy transition.

Furthermore, collaborations between startups, academic institutions, research organizations, and industry stakeholders are fostering knowledge sharing, technology transfer, and the development of sustainable energy ecosystems.

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