Nootie started by Anil Mahendru is taking care of your pets

Anil Mahendru

” Dogs are man’s best friends ” It is a famous saying, one that defines the loyalty and love your pets have for you. If they can give so much to you, the undefinable love and puppy care that your pets have for you, it is just so obvious for you to do the same for them.

Taking care of your pet comes naturally and is essential for their good growth and better life expectancy in their growing years. A healthy diet is essential in shaping your pet’s overall health, which has a swift effect on their physical as well as mental health. Deciding and introducing natural and healthy foods in your pet’s diet can inculcate a balance in the natural pH of your pet’s digestion.

As a pet parent it usually is a tedious task to find the right product that would suit your pet and is trustworthy enough to rely your pet’s life on it. It is necessary to carefully choose your pet’s daily things that are going to become a part of them as you are. Nowadays, there are many different products available in the marketplace, yet manier times they may not be as healthy as one claims and often very costly.

Nootie is an Indian pet product brand, established in 2017. It was founded by Anil mahendru, based in Delhi, India with a sole vision and motto that easy and good quality products can be available to pet parents in a reasonable and user-friendly manner.
It is Amazon’s fastest selling product and a DTC brand.

To ease the growth process of your pet, incorporating naturally healthy food or treats in your pet’s diet by initiating small with superior quality products that have a lot of benefits and no adverse health effects is a right step.

They are available on all online shopping stores such as Amazon, Jiomart, Flipkart, etc. and in more than 500+stores across all India. Through the years, they have managed to gain the rightful trust of their customers and they continue to expand and grow, keeping in sight the nutrition and dietary changes that a pet needs.

With amazing packaging and cost-effective rates, Nootie has its own range of flavoured and non- flavoured treats, pet food, biscuits, along with pet care essential items such as Shampoos, powders, and accessories like toys for playing, and more.

Nootie’s products are 100% safe and natural with zero added preservatives. They are made from real fruit and other natural ingredients that guarantee the right quality of nutrition that your pet can get. They have recently launched their website where you can buy their products directly from them.