On the Move: India’s Top 10 Mobility Startups Fueling Innovation and Transforming Connectivity!

Mobility startups in India are innovative companies that are revolutionizing the way people move and commute in the country. With a focus on technology-driven solutions, these startups are leveraging advancements in transportation, connectivity, and shared mobility to address the diverse needs of Indian consumers.

These startups are playing a crucial role in tackling various challenges faced by the transportation sector in India, such as traffic congestion, pollution, and lack of efficient public transportation. They are introducing new modes of transportation, optimizing existing infrastructure, and providing convenient, cost-effective, and sustainable mobility options.

Some of the key areas where mobility startups are making an impact include:

Ride-hailing and Ride-sharing: Companies like Ola Cabs and Uber India have transformed the way people book and access transportation services. These platforms connect riders with drivers through mobile apps, offering convenient, on-demand transportation options.

Bike and Scooter Sharing: Startups like Bounce, Rapido, and Yulu have introduced dockless bike and scooter sharing services. Users can rent bikes or scooters for short distances, promoting last-mile connectivity and reducing congestion.

Car Rental and Car Sharing: Zoomcar, Drivezy, and Revv are leading the way in car rental and car-sharing services. They provide self-drive rental cars to users for short-term or long-term periods, promoting a shared economy and reducing car ownership.

Electric Mobility: Startups such as Ather Energy, Zypp Electric, and Lithium Urban Technologies are focused on electric mobility solutions. They are manufacturing electric vehicles, setting up charging infrastructure, and offering electric vehicle fleet services to promote sustainable transportation options.

Micro-Mobility: Yulu, Vogo, and eBikeGo are introducing micro-mobility solutions like electric bicycles and electric scooters for short-distance commuting within cities. These solutions are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and help reduce traffic congestion.

Logistics and Delivery: Startups like Dunzo and Delhivery are transforming the logistics and delivery sector by providing on-demand, hyper-local delivery services. They leverage technology to optimize delivery routes, improve efficiency, and reduce delivery times.

On the Move: India’s Top 10 Mobility Startups Fueling Innovation and Transforming Connectivity!


Founder: Anmol Jaggi and Punit K Goyal

CEO: Anmol Jaggi

Year Founded: 2019

Services: Electric vehicle (EV) ride-hailing services.

Vision: To provide zero-emission, comfortable, and affordable mobility solutions.

Targeted Audience: Urban commuters, eco-conscious individuals, and those seeking sustainable transportation options.

Future Scope: Expanding the electric vehicle fleet, scaling operations to more cities, and integrating with renewable energy sources.

Metro Bikes

Founder: Varun Agni, Akash Gupta, and Ramesh Babu

CEO: Greg Moran

Year Founded: 2014

Services: Two-wheeler rentals and self-drive bike rentals.

Vision: To offer convenient and affordable last-mile transportation solutions with a focus on two-wheeler mobility.

Targeted Audience: Commuters, tourists, and individuals looking for short-term bike rentals.

Future Scope: Expanding to more cities, introducing electric bikes, and diversifying the two-wheeler fleet.


Founder: Kabeer Biswas, Ankur Aggarwal, Dalvir Suri, and Mukund Jha

CEO: Kabeer Biswas

Year Founded: 2014

Services: Hyperlocal delivery and task management services.

Vision: To provide on-demand delivery services for a wide range of products and services.

Targeted Audience: Individuals and businesses in need of quick and efficient delivery services.

Future Scope: Expanding to more cities, introducing new service categories, and leveraging technology for enhanced delivery efficiency.


Founder: Amit Bhasin, Kushal Karwa, Nitin Rana, and Rishabh Karwa

CEO: Amit Bhasin

Year Founded: 2016

Services: Tech-enabled car service and maintenance solutions.

Vision: To provide transparent, reliable, and cost-effective car repair and maintenance services.

Targeted Audience: Car owners and individuals seeking convenient and trustworthy car servicing options.

Future Scope: Expanding to more cities, diversifying service offerings, and leveraging technology for improved customer experience.


Founder: Ashish Kumar Gupta and Nabin Roy

CEO: Ashish Kumar Gupta

Year Founded: 2016

Services: Doorstep fuel delivery services for petrol and diesel.

Vision: To provide convenient and on-demand fuel delivery services, reducing the need for traditional petrol stations.

Targeted Audience: Vehicle owners, businesses, and industries requiring bulk fuel delivery.

Future Scope: Expanding to more cities, integrating with electric vehicle charging solutions, and exploring alternative fuel options.


Founder: Nikhil Jain, Sumit Chhazed, and Nitin Mittal

CEO: Sasidhar Nandigam

Year Founded: 2015

Services: Online marketplace for buying and selling used motorcycles.

Vision: To simplify and transform the process of buying and selling used motorcycles through a trusted platform.

Targeted Audience: Individuals interested in purchasing or selling used motorcycles.

Future Scope: Expanding to more cities, diversifying into other used vehicle categories, and enhancing the platform’s user experience.


Founder: Vinayak Bhavnani and Puneet Jain

CEO: Vinayak Bhavnani

Year Founded: 2014

Services: Public transportation app providing real-time information, route planning, and ticketing.

Vision: To make public transportation more accessible, efficient, and user-friendly.

Targeted Audience: Commuters relying on public transportation for their daily travel needs.

Future Scope: Expanding to more cities, partnering with additional transportation authorities, and incorporating more features for seamless travel planning.


Founder: Advaith Vishwanath, Jerin Venad, Rushabh Shah, and Subhash Sundaravadivelu

CEO: Jerin Venad

Year Founded: 2015

Services: Premium bus services for urban commuters.

Vision: To provide comfortable and reliable bus transportation for daily commuters, enhancing their daily travel experience.

Targeted Audience: Office-goers, working professionals, and individuals seeking hassle-free and comfortable commuting options.

Future Scope: Expanding to more cities, introducing new routes, and integrating with corporate companies for employee transportation.

Scooter Hero

Founder: Abhishek Chokhani

CEO: Abhishek Chokhani

Year Founded: 2017

Services: Electric scooter subscription services.

Vision: To provide affordable and sustainable electric scooter subscriptions for urban commuters.

Targeted Audience: Urban commuters, college students, and individuals looking for eco-friendly and cost-effective transportation options.

Future Scope: Expanding to more cities, increasing the electric scooter fleet, and introducing flexible subscription plans.

Get My Parking

Founder: Chirag Jain and Rasik Pansare

CEO: Chirag Jain

Year Founded: 2015

Services: Smart parking solutions including parking management, digital payments, and real-time parking information.

Vision: To optimize parking management and improve the parking experience through technology and innovation.

Targeted Audience: Drivers, parking lot operators, and municipalities seeking efficient parking solutions.

Future Scope: Expanding to more cities, integrating with smart city initiatives, and introducing new parking-related services.

These mobility startups are not only addressing transportation challenges but also generating employment opportunities and contributing to economic growth. By offering innovative and convenient mobility solutions, they are reshaping the way people travel, reducing dependence on private vehicles, and promoting sustainable and shared mobility concepts in India.