Powerhouses of Proptech: India’s Top 16 Startups Changing the Face of Real Estate

Real estate tech, also known as proptech (property technology), refers to the application of technology and innovation to the real estate industry. It encompasses a wide range of technological solutions and platforms designed to improve various aspects of real estate, including buying, selling, renting, property management, construction, and more.

Powerhouses of Proptech: India’s Top 16 Startups Changing the Face of Real Estate


Founder: Kumar Saurabh

CEO: Kumar Saurabh

Year Founded: 2014

Impact: HousingMan is a real estate marketplace that connects homebuyers with builders and developers. It offers a wide range of residential properties and provides end-to-end services for property search, site visits, and documentation.


Founder: Sudeep Anandapuram

CEO: Sudeep Anandapuram

Year Founded: 2015

Impact: ZippServ is a real estate services platform that offers property due diligence, compliance, and advisory services. It assists individuals and businesses in managing legal and regulatory aspects related to real estate transactions.


Founder: Nitin Agrawal and Prashant Agrawal

CEO: Nitin Agrawal

Year Founded: 2016

Impact: YourOwnROOM is a tech-enabled co-living platform that provides fully furnished accommodations for students and working professionals. It focuses on delivering comfortable and affordable living spaces with a sense of community.

InnDia Systems

Founder: Ram Prasad Reddy

CEO: Ram Prasad Reddy

Year Founded: 2015

Impact: InnDia Systems is a real estate technology company that specializes in smart building solutions. It offers products and services related to energy management, security, automation, and IoT-based solutions for commercial and residential properties.

UrbanClap (now Urban Company)

Founder: Abhiraj Singh Bhal, Varun Khaitan, and Raghav Chandra

CEO: Abhiraj Singh Bhal

Year Founded: 2014

Impact: UrbanClap (now Urban Company) is a home services platform that connects users with verified service professionals. While not exclusively a real estate tech startup, it offers services such as home cleaning, repairs, and interior designing.

Oyo Living

Founder: Ritesh Agarwal

CEO: Ritesh Agarwal

Year Founded: 2013

Impact: Oyo Living is a subsidiary of Oyo Hotels and Homes that focuses on providing fully furnished and managed rental accommodations. It caters to individuals and businesses seeking flexible and hassle-free rental options.

Spaciya Advisors

Founder: Anand Moorthy and Sridharan Sriram

CEO: Anand Moorthy

Year Founded: 2014

Impact: Spaciya Advisors is a real estate advisory and consulting firm that offers services such as property valuation, market research, investment analysis, and project management for residential and commercial properties.

Landmark Immobiliare

Founder: Hitesh Kumar

CEO: Hitesh Kumar

Year Founded: 2012

Impact: Landmark Immobiliare is a real estate development and consulting company. It focuses on residential and commercial projects and offers services such as property development, sales, and marketing.


Founder: Ashok Singh

CEO: Ashok Singh

Year Founded: 2013

Impact: Zvesta is a real estate marketplace that connects buyers, sellers, and agents. It offers property listings, search tools, and advisory services to assist users in buying, selling, or renting properties.


Founder: Muddasar Husain

CEO: Muddasar Husain

Year Founded: 2018

Impact: Planin.in is a real estate marketplace that provides property listings, virtual tours, and property management services. It caters to homebuyers, sellers, and tenants, offering a simplified and transparent property search experience.


Founder: Gaurav Kundu

CEO: Gaurav Kundu

Year Founded: 2016

Impact: Nestrom is a proptech startup that focuses on energy management and automation solutions for residential and commercial buildings. It offers products and services for energy monitoring, control, and optimization.


Founder: Abhishek Kumar

CEO: Abhishek Kumar

Year Founded: 2018

Impact: SastaBroker.com is an online real estate platform that connects property buyers and sellers. It offers a range of services, including property listings, property valuation, and property-related advisory services.


Founder: Praveen Kumar

CEO: Praveen Kumar

Year Founded: 2013

Impact: 4BHK.com is a real estate portal that focuses on luxury and high-end residential properties. It provides property listings, market analysis, and advisory services for buyers and sellers in the luxury real estate segment.


Founder: Jayesh Hariyani

CEO: Jayesh Hariyani

Year Founded: 2010

Impact: BrickEagle is a real estate services and investment company that focuses on affordable housing projects. It offers services such as project management, construction, and financial advisory for affordable housing initiatives.

Cityrene Builders

Founder: Sabari Prabodhananda

CEO: Sabari Prabodhananda

Year Founded: 2013

Impact: Cityrene Builders is a sustainable construction company that focuses on green and energy-efficient building practices. It specializes in eco-friendly residential and commercial projects.

Nidhi Land Infrastructure

Founder: Not available

CEO: Not available

Year Founded: Not available

Impact: Nidhi Land Infrastructure is a real estate development company that focuses on residential and commercial projects. It offers properties with modern amenities and focuses on quality construction and customer satisfaction.

Please note that the CEO information and impact details might have changed since my last knowledge update in September 2021.