Radha Group: A Brand that truly believes in serving

Radha Group: A Brand that truly believes in serving

Mr. Bhavik P. Burman is truly a dynamic personality who has contributed to the society in mays ways. He wears the many different hats of an Indian entrepreneur, in Steel & Realty Sectors, Restaurateur & philanthropist. Apart from being the MD of Mumbai based Radha Steel, he also celebrates as a passionate restaurateur within as the Chairman of Radha Hospitality & socially affiliated to many NGO’s.

In 2010, he started his Steel venture which is Mumbai-based trading company that supplies TMT steel to developers and contractors across Maharashtra. “Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing.” With this motto in mind, Radha Steel have been achieving milestones every year by building trust and faithfulness. The mission of the company is to cater to the maximum number of prestigious clients within reach and provide them with excellent customer service. Moreover, supply them with the best quality product. “As we make a sale of thousands of tons per year, we have the vision to hit a sale of lakh a ton in coming years,” says Mr. Bhavik Burman.

In 2020, the company under the leadership of Mr. Bhavik Burman had diversified their business into restaurant industry. Radha Restaurant & Banquet, situated in Mumbai, Kandivali west, is a vegetarian Multi cuisine Restaurant & Banquet. You can get a taste of everything here in one place. It is a brand in itself, that truly believes in serving quality food to customers. The good ambience is like a cherry on top. The restaurant has a seating capacity of 200+ people and can accommodate large gatherings of friends and families. Unfortunately, by having couple of months of business, they were temporarily shut because of Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic hit us really hard, says Mr. Bhavik Burman, but proper road map along with team dedication made us truly possible to achieve our company’s goal. As they say, with huge power comes great responsibility, Mr. Bhavik Burman has shown great calm and composure by steadily imbibing the maturity and wisdom of leader. Adept at building bridges between people and organizations has forged alliances where it seemed impossible and met new and challenging deadlines.

As an Owner of Restaurant, Steel & Real Estate sectors, Mr. Bhavik Burman gives us an insight into the story behind his successful entrepreneur journey.

What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur?

The Freedom. Freedom to choose, freedom to take decision of your own. You have your own failures, your own success. You keep on learning every day. Every new day you have a new challenge & by loving your job & you feel passionate about it which makes you competitive and overcome those challenges. And most importantly is to Create & working with my Team. Like-minded people when comes together they build a solid base and helps creating a brand & Value to your business.

What have been your most significant failures, and what did you learn from them?

In 2018, when my father was diagnosed with Cancer, I was shattered & much more drained mentally and physically, the exertion was so deep that I was unable to concentrate on any of my businesses, & business revenue fell almost 50%. After his passing away within a year’s time, I had to take front seat & started refocusing all the aspect and tried to overcome of it. An effective strategies and opportunities made me stand again and helped my company to regain my financials strong or even better then the previous financial years. Today, my Steel business itself has a Yearly Revenue more than 50 Crores INR, which is more than 200% of my previous standings. As my learning & experience says, sit quietly and try to analyze and channelize where you are going wrong, accordingly try to build a road map & follow it passionately. Keep improving & learn from your failures, success has no definition.

What makes an entrepreneur successful?

Passion, Learning, Networking & Honesty.

Firstly, and most importantly an entrepreneur should love what he/she is doing in his/her professional and personal life. Without Self-love, there’s no room for improvement.

Knowledge has no boundaries, and when it comes to business, everyday has a new learning. The more you keep learning the more you become wise and there are less likely chances of business to fall.

To keep on increasing your business & its revenue you should get connected to the right people. Veteran entrepreneurs can share their views based on their success and mistakes. Funding & Investments are key factors in any business. Getting connected to right dots can lead to the capital generation which leads to start and grow your business.

And last but not least, we should be honest to our Investors, consumers, employees and most importantly to ourselves. Honesty is the best policy and in fact a strong pillar in any type of business. It’s important to build & maintain the trust of all above people who are the strong pillars of our organization. As rightly said, Team Work makes the Dream work.