“RineX is all set to launch a Job Guarantee Program”

“RineX is all set to launch a Job Guarantee Program”

A Job guarantee program is a program in which getting a Job is guaranteed and stipulated by the institution. 

The significance of a job guarantee program shows the brilliant resources, best mentors and advanced teaching styles that let students get employed.  

RineX is all set to launch a Job Guarantee program that will ensure jobs to the students with the help of our tie ups and Best in class Mentorship.  

We aim for excellence to be provided to the students and to the Industry through our students.  

The times are, a student studies 4 years of college and is still not able to manage to get a job. And opt for a course after their degree to gain skills and get employed.  

This job guarantee program launched by RineX has its motive to teach students the best way and help them get a job on their own.  

After this program there would be a 2 month training followed by 3 months Internships which eventually can get converted into a Pre placement offer (PPO) based on the performance.  

RineX also has tie ups with many companies which will provide 100 % placement assistance to students and will lead them to secure a job for sure.  

How do certification and programs help ?  

Initially, when you start exploring the industry on your own there comes various hurdles and also times which can confuse you for the right path to take. Here comes the Job guarantee program which will assist you at every step to make you get what you desire for.  

Certifications are called the modern gateway to any industry. They can help you secure a job when you do not even have any experience, degree in a specific field. They can make your dreams come true.  

Some of the certifications we offer are Microsoft Certification fundamentals (MCF) , Autodesk , MATLAB , etc.  

Certifications also improve the quality of your works at the same time gives you insights to modern advancements of the Industry. It also increases job opportunities, appraisal, and promotions.  

With certifications you get in-depth knowledge of a certain field which becomes very important to secure a job.  

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