Roshni Patel Vasram to launch a cool news app!

Urban Asian, the popular news website, is launching an app after 12 years of success to give readers, consumers and brands the opportunity to connect with other audiences around the globe. The Founder of Urban Asian, Roshni Patel Vasram, has a masters in Integrated Marketing Communication and is excited to apply her knowledge to her own company.

The Urban Asian app is designed to keep up with the fast pace of digital media and the changing ways in which people consume information. With features like short form videos, quizzes and more, the app will be very interactive and engaging for users. The app aims to be part of the excitement of the digital media landscape and meet the demands of Gen Z who use social media tools to stay connected with brands.

Roshni Patel Vasram started 11 years ago to provide a platform for South Asian representation in the media. She believes that South Asians are not given enough coverage worldwide and wanted to launch a news outlet where the unheard voices could be heard. The website covers a wide range of topics such as news, mental health, and stories that are not typically covered by national outlets. It also features coverage of talented singers and artists who may not be well-known in the media.

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The Urban Asian app will provide a valuable resource for anyone looking for a deeper understanding and connection to South Asian culture and news. With a user-friendly interface and a wealth of engaging content, the app will be a go-to destination for readers looking to stay informed and connected to the South Asian community.

In addition to the engaging content, the Urban Asian app will also be optimized for search engines, making it easy for users to find the information they are looking for. With a focus on SEO-friendly language and keywords, the app will rank higher in search engine results, making it easier for users to discover.

The Urban Asian app is set to launch soon, and Roshni Patel Vasram is excited for users to experience the new and improved way to stay connected to South Asian culture and news. With its interactive features, engaging content, and SEO-friendly approach, the Urban Asian app is poised to be a hit with readers and consumers alike.