Shark Tank India Spotlight: Aliste Technologies Secures $1 Million for Expanding Presence Across the Nation!

Shark Tank India Aliste Technologies

Shark Tank India-featured smart home automation startup Aliste Technologies made a game-changing move when it successfully raised $1 million in funding through a round led by YourNest Venture Capital and Artha Venture Fund. Along with Dholakia Ventures, KRS Jamwal, and Anikarth Ventures, the investment consortium continues to receive backing from its current backers, including 100X.VC.

Securing Success on Shark Tank India: Aliste Technologies Raises $1 Million in Funding

Pioneering Home Automation

Established in 2021 by a visionary group of VIT batchmates — Aakarsh Nayyar, Anant Ohri, Bhavya Kansal, Konark Gautam, Shreyansh Jain, and Udit Pandoh — Aliste Technologies is on a mission to revolutionize the home automation market in India.

Co-founder Anant Ohri highlighted the company’s commitment, stating, “We see a significant gap in the consumer IoT segment in India. Our products not only provide users with the convenience of home automation but also offer tangible benefits, resulting in 10–15% savings on their monthly electricity bills. Our aim is to collectively save electricity worth $1 million by 2025.”

Innovative Retrofit Automation Products

Aliste specializes in selling retrofit automation products designed to empower users to control their existing home appliances effortlessly. Through a user-friendly app or voice assistants, homeowners can seamlessly integrate smart technology into their daily lives. Notably, the startup stands out by offering a unique subscription model, starting at just Rs 1 per appliance per day, making home automation not only accessible but also remarkably affordable for a broader audience.

Strategic Funding for Expansion

Empowered by a recent $1 million funding injection, Aliste Technologies is strategically gearing up for extensive expansion throughout India. Having solidified its foothold in the Delhi-NCR region and Bengaluru, the startup is now set on reaching a broader demographic. The infusion of funds serves as a catalyst, propelling the company beyond its current regional success to address a more extensive audience and aligning with its vision of making innovative home automation accessible to a wider population across the diverse landscape of the country.Elevate the comfort of your home. Aliste Helps you make your home smart without making you burn a hole through your pocket.Our aim is to redefine the way people live by imparting luxury and maximising convenience through our products.

Impressive Track Record and Clientele

Aliste Technologies boasts a substantial influence, actively engaging in more than 2,500 projects across the residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors. The startup has forged notable partnerships with esteemed clients such as The Taj Group of Hotels, Vouchagram India, and Stanza Living. This highlights Aliste Technologies’ versatility and success in catering to a diverse range of projects, solidifying its position as a trusted player in the industry with a track record of delivering innovative solutions to renowned establishments.

Vision for the Future

Aliste Technologies ,Shark Tank

Aliste Technologies anticipates a future where their innovative solutions define home automation excellence. Committed to both energy efficiency and cost savings, the company charts a course to surpass expectations within the evolving consumer IoT landscape. With a steadfast dedication to technological advancement, Aliste Technologies aims not only to meet but to exceed the burgeoning demands of a dynamic and progressive market, positioning itself as a leader in reshaping the standards of smart living experiences.


Aliste Technologies’ transition from Shark Tank India fame to securing $1 million in funding is a pivotal milestone, signifying more than financial success. It represents a paradigm shift in how Indian consumers view home automation, prioritizing accessibility and affordability. Aliste Technologies emerges as a key player shaping smart living, inviting a broader audience to embrace seamless convenience. The company not only propels its success but also contributes significantly to a sustainable and interconnected future. Positioned as a trailblazer in technological innovation, Aliste Technologies paves the way for a smarter, connected living experience in India.

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