Top 20 Social Impact Startups Making a Difference in India

In India, a new wave of social impact startups is emerging, driven by a passion for creating positive change and addressing pressing social and environmental issues. These startups are not only focused on profitability but also on making a meaningful difference in the lives of people and the planet. They employ innovative solutions, sustainable business models, and a deep commitment to their missions. In this article, we will delve into the world of social impact startups in India and explore the top 20 companies that are driving change and transforming communities. We will analyze their founders, establishment year, targeted audience, and the remarkable impact they have had. Join us as we celebrate these inspiring startups and their potential for scalability and long-term impact.

Top 20 Social Impact Startups Making a Difference in India

Akshaya Patra

Founder: Madhu Pandit Dasa

Established Year: 2000

Targeted Audience: School children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds

Impact: Akshaya Patra addresses the issue of hunger and education by providing nutritious meals to school children. Their innovative solution of centralized kitchens and delivery systems has positively impacted the lives of millions of children, improving their nutritional intake and educational outcomes.

SELCO Foundation

Founder: Harish Hande

Established Year: 1995

Targeted Audience: Rural communities without access to reliable electricity

Impact: SELCO Foundation focuses on sustainable energy solutions for rural areas. They provide solar-powered systems for lighting and other basic energy needs, empowering communities and improving their quality of life while reducing carbon emissions.


Founder: Anshu Gupta

Established Year: 1999

Targeted Audience: Underserved communities, especially in rural areas

Impact: Goonj addresses the issue of poverty and lack of access to basic necessities by collecting and distributing essential items like clothing, sanitary pads, and school supplies. Their unique approach involves using donated materials as a currency for community development, fostering dignity and self-reliance.

HelpAge India

Founder: Samson Daniel

Established Year: 1978

Targeted Audience: Elderly individuals in need of support and care

Impact: HelpAge India works towards improving the lives of the elderly through various initiatives, including healthcare, income-generation programs, and advocacy for their rights. They have had a significant impact on elderly individuals, ensuring their well-being and social inclusion.


Founders: Amrita Saigal, Kristin Kagetsu

Established Year: 2015

Targeted Audience: Menstruating women with limited access to affordable sanitary products

Impact: Saathi produces biodegradable and affordable sanitary pads made from locally sourced banana fiber. Their sustainable solution not only addresses menstrual hygiene needs but also reduces environmental waste, benefiting women and the planet.

Educate Girls

Founder: Safeena Husain

Established Year: 2007

Targeted Audience: Out-of-school girls in rural areas

Impact: Educate Girls focuses on improving girls’ education by mobilizing community volunteers, enrolling girls in schools, and addressing gender disparities. Their innovative model has led to increased enrollment and retention rates among girls, empowering them through education.

Greenway Appliances

Founder: Neha Juneja, Ankit Mathur

Established Year: 2011

Targeted Audience: Rural households relying on traditional cooking methods

Impact: Greenway Appliances offers clean and efficient cooking solutions such as biomass cookstoves. Their products reduce indoor air pollution, lower fuel consumption, and improve health outcomes for households, especially women and children.

Chakr Innovation

Founders: Arpit Dhupar, Kushagra Srivastava, Prateek Sachan

Established Year: 2016

Targeted Audience: Industries contributing to air pollution

Impact: Chakr Innovation addresses the issue of air pollution by converting emissions from diesel generators into ink and paints. Their innovative technology reduces pollution and promotes a cleaner environment, making a significant impact on urban air quality.

Reap Benefit

Founder: Gautam Prakash

Established Year: 2013

Targeted Audience: Youth and communities

Impact: Reap Benefit empowers individuals, especially youth, to become problem solvers in their communities. Through their programs, they address various social and environmental issues, encouraging sustainable actions and driving positive change at the grassroots level.

Mann Deshi Bank

Founder: Chetna Gala Sinha

Established Year: 1997

Targeted Audience: Women entrepreneurs and farmers

Impact: Mann Deshi Bank provides financial services and training to women entrepreneurs and farmers, empowering them economically. Their inclusive approach has resulted in increased financial inclusion and economic independence among women in rural areas.


Founders: Saumya, Kaushik

Established Year: 2015

Targeted Audience: Small farmers

Impact: Kheyti offers affordable and scalable greenhouse solutions to small farmers, enabling them to grow high-value crops throughout the year. Their innovative approach helps farmers increase their income, improve food security, and reduce the impact of climate change.

Noora Health

Founders: Edith Elliott, Shahed Alam, Katy Ashe, Mansi Shah

Established Year: 2014

Targeted Audience: Patients and their families

Impact: Noora Health provides training and tools to patients and their families to become active participants in the healthcare process. By empowering individuals with knowledge and skills, they improve health outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions.


Founders: Anirudh Arun, Shantanu Mathur, Jaison Jose

Established Year: 2012

Targeted Audience: Government departments and agencies

Impact: Samagra develops technology solutions to help governments improve service delivery and governance. Their innovative platforms and tools enable efficient and transparent operations, leading to better public services and enhanced citizen engagement.

Aarohana EcoSocial

Founder: Madhuri Eunni

Established Year: 2013

Targeted Audience: Waste pickers and artisans

Impact: Aarohana EcoSocial upcycles plastic waste into sustainable products and provides livelihood opportunities to waste pickers and artisans. Their innovative approach tackles the issues of waste management, poverty, and environmental conservation simultaneously.

Karma Recyclin

Founder: Akshat Ghiya

Established Year: 2013

Targeted Audience: Individuals and businesses with electronic waste

Impact: Karma Recycling offers an e-waste recycling and buyback program, reducing the environmental impact of electronic waste and promoting responsible disposal. Their efforts contribute to a cleaner environment and the recovery of valuable resources.

Daily Dump

Founder: Poonam Bir Kasturi

Established Year: 2006

Targeted Audience: Urban households

Impact: Daily Dump promotes composting and waste segregation practices among urban households. Their innovative solutions and products enable individuals to convert their organic waste into nutrient-rich compost, reducing landfill waste and promoting sustainable living.


Founders: Gaurav Shorey, Akash Sharma, Deepak Bhawnani

Established Year: 2015

Targeted Audience: Businesses and organizations

Impact: SustLabs provides energy management and sustainability solutions to businesses, helping them reduce their carbon footprint and adopt sustainable practices. Their innovative technologies and consulting services contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious corporate sector.

Barefoot College

Founder: Bunker Roy

Established Year: 1972

Targeted Audience: Rural communities, particularly women

Impact: Barefoot College empowers rural communities by providing education and training in areas such as solar engineering, healthcare, and entrepreneurship. Their approach focuses on skill-building and knowledge transfer, enabling individuals to become change agents in their own communities.

Karadi Path

Founder: C. P. Vishwanath

Established Year: 1996

Targeted Audience: Children from low-income backgrounds

Impact: Karadi Path develops innovative educational resources and programs to improve English language skills among children from marginalized communities. Their multimedia approach and teacher training initiatives have had a significant impact on children’s learning outcomes and educational opportunities.

Chetna Organic

Founder: V. K. Desai

Established Year: 2004

Targeted Audience: Cotton farmers and consumers

Impact: Chetna Organic promotes organic farming practices and fair trade principles among cotton farmers. They work with smallholder farmers to ensure sustainable agriculture, fair wages, and safe working conditions, thereby promoting a more ethical and environmentally friendly textile industry.

social impact startups in India exemplify the power of entrepreneurship in creating positive change. Through their innovative solutions, targeted approaches, and remarkable impact, they are addressing critical social and environmental issues. By challenging existing norms and driving transformative change, these startups are shaping a more inclusive, sustainable, and equitable future for India and beyond.

The top 20 social impact startups in India are leading the way in driving positive change and making a difference in various sectors. Their mission-driven approaches, innovative solutions, and sustainable business models are creating lasting impact on social and environmental issues. From education and healthcare to sustainability and empowerment, these startups are revolutionizing the way we tackle challenges and create a better future. Despite the challenges they face, their potential for scalability and long-term impact is promising. By fostering collaboration, supporting innovation, and creating an enabling ecosystem, we can further amplify the impact of these startups and drive transformative change in society.