Urban Platter Vegan Products

Redefining the Vegan space with their unique and out of the box products

March 31, National – Urban Platter, a one-stop-shop for all gourmet and culinary requirements across every cuisine & category provides consumers with accessible and convenient choices for any & every culinary need along with the luxury of a delightful shopping experience on their website. What initially started 6 years ago as an e-commerce venture now has dominated the space and has a wide retail presence in over 700+ retail touchpoints across India.

Having over 1500 products in their portfolio, they have now decided to bring the classic Bacon seasoning into their product range. Yes, this Bacon seasoning is going to be completely vegan.

Imagine having that smoky bacon for breakfast without actually having the calories from it. You can create mind-blowing delicious bacon-flavored masterpieces that transform breakfast and redefine gourmet burgers with their Classic Vegan Bacon Seasoning! Bring the smokey, savoury, and spicy flavours of bacon to your favourite snacks. Super easy to use! Simply sprinkle over food like popcorn, fries, pizza, nuggets, etc. Or add to salads, mayos, and Sauces for a burst of bacon flavour. Also available in Spicy and Maple Bacon flavours.

With the audience becoming eco-friendly and conscious about what they eat, Urban Platter is on a mission to get every animal-based product Vegan. Bacon seasoning is the first of many.

The Spanish Paella Seasoning is the perfect addition to give the perfect flavor of Spain to your dish. The original Paella is made with seafood and chicken stock but now with Urban Platter’s Paella seasoning you can get the exact flavor and the dish will be Vegan. The seasoning is made with real, high-quality saffron.

The El Sabor Seasoning is a take on the classic Tajin seasoning from Mexico, perfect to rim cocktail glasses and with fruits. The mix of the sweet and spicy flavors gives it the Umami flavor making it a must keep in every household.

If you’re making cocktails and mocktails at home then this is the perfect addition to add to the glass rim for that extra panache.   

About Urban Platter

Urban Platter has become to go-to for many homes in and across India simply because of the ease and convenience of their user-friendly website and the wide range of their offerings, especially during the pandemic. One can complete their entire household’s grocery and culinary needs on the Urban Platter website and get it delivered to their doorstep in record time. However, India as a country has seen a major shift in consumer mindsets to healthier foods and that was the birth of the vegan movement.

“The pandemic has reinforced our faith in our core values of high-quality, plant-based ingredients, and being in the D2C space has been positively rewarding for our business. We’ll be shortly foraying into physical stores and that is indeed a key milestone for the company. That apart, today, the Urban Platter brand is now available pan-India, and it’s extremely humbling to see the consumer response and retailer’s faith in our products, vision, and brand,” said Kenia.

With a team of 175+ people today, with physical operations in 4 cities of India, and has recently raised a Series A round of capital from a vision-aligned strategic investor, Urban Platter seems to be well-capitalized and poised to keep its growth momentum robust and continue to dominate various sectors of the packaged food and beverage industry.

Over the next few months, the Urban Platter brand should further be available across more physical retail touchpoints with an aggressive omnichannel marketing push to enable more consumers to discover our vision and product line. We look forward to following the new moves they make in revolutionizing the culinary and gourmet food sector. After all, their tagline reads – “Nothing brings people together like Simply Good Food”!

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