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AVIKA GROUP is a Delhi based manufacturer known for its extraordinarily bakery products, flavored mixes, following the Indian tradition and the typical of ancient recipes of India. They offer a diverse variety of smooth and sweet sensations: the most favored by customers includes biscuits and different nuts, also the greatest demanding palate, thanks to special and typical productions.

Avika Delight offers ‘Oven Fresh Cookies’ that are produced by Automatic Machines in hygienic environments. With utmost care these products have been producing oven fresh cookies with Quality Ingredients.

They have been customer oriented and quality driven. Proper efforts have been made starting from procuring the raw material to its final production including proper monitoring, hygienic equipment and sources for workmen, environment friendly production process and well-defined packaging system.

AVIKA GROUP also recognizes its high standards of Food Safety Management System with utmost care.    

Core ingredient includes wheat flour, edible vegetable oil sugar, invert sugar syrup, wheat bran, milk powder, malt, salt, digestive flavor, raising agent, contains gluten derived from wheat flour, and also containing oligofructose that is a dietary fiber. They make various quality products like bakery cookies which includes a wide range of cookies like multigrain, milk atta, custard, tutti fruity and many more, Cake rusk, Namkeen and Elaichi Milk Rusk.

Aiming to deliver an incredible array of hygienic food with potent ingredients for everyone to savor and enjoy, Avika group has a delightness so unique in its own.

Their vision is to develop a standable portfolio of numerous brands for diverse categories and become the most appreciated healthy and nutritious food products for all kinds of people while it stands for excellence, integrity, customer satisfaction, cleanliness and hygienic production with all required sources and sets the pace for business being executed.

Mr. Suresh Mangla, CEO and the Chairman, also Puneet Aggarwal, the Managing Director of AVIKA Delight GROUP states that since 1991, making and baking biscuit, muffin and rusk has been one of the largest manufacturing demands in Delhi. He started as a small unit in the 90’s and bloomed into a reputed and known name with the overwhelming response and support. Their specialty is creating premium products with the best raw ingredients and highly hygienic conditions in best value.

Being associated with the food industry for about 25 years and enhancing social and religious personality. He made great contributions towards the society and promoting pure milk as an ingredient to their products. Also responsible for the overall working of the company and is instrumental in making strategic decisions for the company, making it a purely organic production which is what one might need and want for their perfection and healthy consumption.