The New Sensation of Investment Banking

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A well-known tycoon Rajat Tiwari, Investment Banker, currently serving as Vice President of credit at American Investment Bank that is based in New York, United States.

Talking about Investment banking, it is a sector of banking operations that guide individuals or organizations to raise capital and provide financial guidance and services to them. These banks often serve as intermediaries between security issuers and investors and help new firms and novel businesses to go public.

These banks are primarily focused to consult businesses and governments on their financial challenges. They help their clients with financing, research, trading and sales, wealth and asset management, IPOs, mergers, securitized products, hedging, and more.

This work is remunerative but the days are heavy and stressful. Best social skills and communication skills are required for success in the field. Quality negotiation skill booms up the sustainability. Therefore, surviving in such an industry is a complement itself.

Just like every other Investment banker, Rajat too meets with clients, prepares proposals, runs financial projections, and works on pitch books that can help to generate new clients.

He’s well known all over the world especially in Asia Pacific and North America. His biggest aim is to provide right details and procedures about Investment and Funding to every individual around every corner.

One of his ecstatic achievements can be considered that under his guidance and supervision more than 200 clients in the Middle East and North America got fundings for their business and grew their business.

He is the Youngest Credit Vice President who has Created a Global identity of its own at such a young age. He is well recognized and accredited all over the nations.

His only dream is to provide proper guidance to people that have ingenious dreams but lack of resources have bound them.

Lack of proper guidance, resources, and confidence could be considered as secondary obstacles rather the primary reason for their dreams to cease at a certain point might be due to lack of funding that forces them to walk the path.

By removing these obstacles and helping them to get funds by guiding through the Procedure Like Connecting with Investors etc can help them to make their global identity and make their dreams come true.