Bringing Revolution for B2C businesses setup in tier 2 & tier 3 cities.

Bringing Revolution for B2C businesses setup in tier 2 & tier 3 cities.

The Brand Stories, name depicts all about it.
Every brand has its own stories & struggles especially when it is exposed to a highly competitive market which is occupied with tech savvy and 
pre informed customers. These days customers are almost up to date with backend story of any start up via digital media.
Therefore, the vision of founder Kamaldeep Katiyar is to provide a solid platform to B2C industry setup of tier 2 & tier 3 cities to use their USP’s in order to create a different brand image in mind of its niche customer. 
Brand stories focuses on catering needs of brands by content creation and graphic designing.

It determines the target audience, positions the product & business, defines company’s personality, helps in choosing logo and slogans. It bridges gap between where company stands today in mind of customers about its awareness and popularity and where its wants to be tomorrow.

The ultimate purpose of The Brand Stories is to add value in digital media industry through its innovation ideas of brand value upliftment. Needless to mention covid brought tough time for entire world but toughest for struggling start-ups based out in tier 2 & tier 3 cities. The only ray of hope in situation of uncertainty was digital media marketing which could gave great rewards returns with zero or no investment.

Also, the popularity of internet, social media, mobile apps and other digital communication channels has already created its own space in lives of common man, only right positioning is required. Positioning a brand in heart and mind of customers is the mission of The Brand Stories.

Covid 19 brought a time when start-ups like Zomato – Swiggy used no contact delivery branding preposition as strategy this led business to next level milestone in terms of success.

Similarly, every business has a USP which makes it different from competitors. The Brand Stories helps start-ups to highlight its key USP, communicate and position the same in mind of customer which will set them apart/different than competitor.