India’s best accredited 100% online school with legacy of 50 years in education

India’s best accredited 100% online school with legacy of 50 years in education

Sunbeam World School

Sunbeam World School is 100% online school for K-12 education. India’s Best accredited online school with a legacy of 50 years in education. That ensures high-quality education to the learners from the comfort of their homes. They can access the classes on their devices from anywhere which reduces the hassle of traveling and attending classes. They are only required to log in, and they are in school with best online schools in India with the world’s largest learning management system that makes the complete school AI-enabled.

At Sunbeam World School, we offer systematic, stress-free, and completely structured virtual online classes from the comfort of your place. Sunbeam world school is one of the best 100% accredited online school which made it possible for students to learn from our highly experienced teachers and curriculum which can’t be approachable in any other way due to the distance of the school, absence of a good school in the town, non-availability of best teachers for all subjects in offline school and may be due to extravagant fee structures. To start learning in the best accredited online school Sunbeam all you need is an internet connection and a computer or a smartphone and you have the best education at your place.


We provide best live online homeschooling classes in India that aim to deliver the most effective curriculum with the right blend of Technology, pedagogy, and content Technology enables us in achieving this by Constructing innovative and cost-effective modes of instruction.

In using technology to democratise education, we reach out to learners, irrespective of their geographical location and socioeconomic background.

We have our eyes set on a future where every child would be an innovator. We are one of the leading 100% certified online schools that always Keep in mind the needs of various kinds of learners, and craft innovative tools and strategies to ensure that every child learns effectively.

We believe in #unitingglobaleducation, #equaleducationforall, to shape the global vision of education. 

Our Pillars of Strength

  •  2:20 teacher: student ratio + assistant subject teacher for doubt solving
  •  Very affordable fees 
  •  Highly qualified and trained teachers with more than 20+ years on experience
  • Academic Heads with 40 + years of experience in education 
  •  Books delivered at home 
  •  Live classes + recorded classes
  •  Our curriculum is structured for total development of every student 
  •  7000+ hours digital content 
  •  540,000 questions in question bank 
  •  6000+ experiments
  • Classes of core subjects + skill classes like Coding, Expert reading, English Vocabulary, Rubi cube, Abacus, Phonics
  • language classes like Sanskrit, Urdu, French, German, and Spanish
  • Co-curricular activities like Yoga, Dance, Theatre, Music classes (Vocal)
  • permanent 100% best cbse online school for children, with parents having transferable jobs
  • Boundary-less India’s best online school for children that provides quality education to children living in cities where there are no or less good English schools.

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Contact number: +91-9711256925