Empowering Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals: A Dynamic Meetup Event in Bengaluru and Mumbai

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals: A Dynamic Meetup Event in Bengaluru and Mumbai

Bengaluru/Mumbai – In a bid to foster a vibrant ecosystem for women entrepreneurs and professionals, the eagerly anticipated Women Entrepreneurs & Professionals meetup is set to take place in March 2024, hosted at Clayworks Opus in Bengaluru and AIC-NMIMS Incubation Centre in Mumbai.

This event presents invaluable opportunities for women entrepreneurs and working professionals to come together, connect, collaborate, and support each other within the dynamic business landscape. It serves as a platform for cultivating relationships with like-minded ambitious women, encouraging networking, visibility, and recognition within the entrepreneurial community.

Participants will have the chance to showcase their products or services, engage in pitch competitions, and share success stories, thereby enhancing their profiles and attracting attention to their businesses. Workshops and panel discussions will cover topics ranging from funding opportunities to achieving work-life balance, while facilitating connections with potential mentors, investors, and collaborators.

A collaborative effort by esteemed organizations including the International Women’s Network, Global Startups Club, 3X Events, Mojo Startup, Gorefurbo, Gamezon, StartupNews.fyi, Startup Story, Startup Updates, Entrepreneur Tales, Clayworks, and AIC-NMIMS Incubation Centre, this event promises to be a dynamic platform for growth and empowerment.

Event Details:

  • Bengaluru: March 2nd, 2024, Time: 10:30 AM – 1:00 PM, Venue: Clayworks Opus.
  • Mumbai: March 16th, 2024, Time: 4:30 PM – 7:00 PM, Venue: AIC-NMIMS Incubation Centre.

The meetup will feature distinguished speakers such as Divya Chandrasekaran, Founder of iPACT Legal, Ajita Dash, Founding Partner of Advoke Law, LLP in Bengaluru, and Mosami Agnihotri, Founder of Agnim, and Megha Dhanuka, Founder of F for Finance & Corporate Trainer in Mumbai. Their insights on “Empowering Women through Networking, Inspiration, and Professional Growth” are sure to provide attendees with valuable perspectives.

This event plays a crucial role in empowering women entrepreneurs by offering them a supportive community, valuable resources, and growth opportunities. By fostering collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and meaningful connections, it aims to break stereotypes and propel women towards success in entrepreneurship.

For more information and to register, visit Global Startups Club Events.