“Shaping a Greener India: Top 5 Cleantech Startups Creating a Sustainable Future”

CleanTech startups in India are playing a vital role in revolutionizing the way we approach environmental sustainability. These innovative companies are developing cutting-edge solutions that address pressing environmental challenges and promote a cleaner and greener future. From renewable energy and energy efficiency to waste management and sustainable transportation, these startups are driving the transition towards a sustainable economy.

CleanTech startups in India exemplify the innovative spirit and commitment to sustainability. Through their groundbreaking solutions, they are reshaping industries, addressing environmental challenges, and contributing to a more sustainable future. The visionary founders and dedicated teams behind these startups are driving positive change and inspiring others to adopt clean and sustainable practices.

“Shaping a Greener India: Cleantech Startups Creating a Sustainable Future”


Founder: Vibha Tripathi

Established Year: 2014

CEO: Vibha Tripathi

Impact: Swajal develops decentralized water purification systems that provide clean and safe drinking water to rural and urban areas. Their solutions address water scarcity and improve public health.


Founder: Suraj Mohata and Akhil Jain

Established Year: 2016

CEO: Suraj Mohata

Impact: Ecociate focuses on waste management and recycling, offering sustainable solutions to reduce waste and promote circular economy practices. Their technology enables efficient waste collection, segregation, and processing.

Nocca Robotics

Founder: Agnishwar Jayaprakash

Established Year: 2016

CEO: Agnishwar Jayaprakash

Impact: Nocca Robotics develops robotic rehabilitation solutions that assist in the rehabilitation process for patients with neurological disorders. Their innovative technology improves the effectiveness and accessibility of rehabilitation therapies.

Carbon Masters India

Founder: Narasimhan Santhanam

Established Year: 2009

CEO: Narasimhan Santhanam

Impact: Carbon Masters India provides carbon management solutions to businesses, helping them measure, manage, and reduce their carbon footprint. Their services enable organizations to transition towards a low-carbon economy.

Greenvironment Innovation and Marketing India

Founder: Bhuvaneshwaran S.

Established Year: 2012

CEO: Bhuvaneshwaran S.

Impact: Greenvironment focuses on sustainable waste management solutions, including biogas plants and organic waste converters. Their technologies help reduce organic waste, generate clean energy, and minimize environmental pollution.