Shastra Aura: Hyderabad based company with “ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY” to resolve ISSUES related to HEALTH, VASTU, CHAKRAS, AURA, MENTAL QUICKLY AND LONG TERM RELIEF

Shastra aura

In today’s time, everything has changed and it took a better, more civilized route, be it communication, lifestyle, food habits, intake, diets, non-diets, or exercise. We are gaining awareness of ourselves and the commodities that may add to our health in time. This modernized change has affected everyone’s life, and whether they desire it or not, every individual is somewhat involved in some way or the other.

Despite such self-awareness and consciousness to keep yourself healthy,

Have you ever noticed that even after being completely fit, you start experiencing sudden aches in your muscles, or other areas?

That despite visiting various doctors, after countless diagnostics, medical interventions, and medications, you still experience pain in your body? Or when you had a good sound sleep at night, yet woke up feeling not-so-fresh in the morning. Ever wondered why this happens?

Why, even after maintaining yourself perfectly, eating good food, and doing the right exercises, something doesn’t feel to align well and you are diagnosed with something that just shocked you?

There are reasons for this. Let’s take the example of mobile phones. Now, mobiles are a significant part of our day-to-day system of life and also one of the most common and in-situ gadgets that emit very high radiations of radiofrequency when attending a call directly from the phone. Over a period of time, these radiations enter the body and give frequent headaches and minor aches.

Such radiation is harmful to the human system. It might be appalling to know that the land that you stand on also emits similar radiations or energies, due to the presence of underground water lines, drainage systems‌, internet lines, electrical lines, as well as electrical poles, transformers, our everyday use appliances such as oven, geezers, etc.

All matter constantly exchanges frequencies of different wavelengths. These frequencies affect us even though they are not visible to the naked eye and we may not be aware of their existence.

They all emit a lot of negative frequencies or energies which affect the health and the bioenergetics of a body, disrupting its energy flow and cellular metabolism, making you weak and prone to various health diseases and other problems.

It becomes a vital step, to recognize the disrupted flow of energies in your body and fix it. Shastra aura is a tech platform, which has introduced this new device called the Vedic scanner, providing Vastu and geopathic solutions. They acquire power and advanced equipment to check all kinds of frequencies and energies that are in an individual and work to reduce the negatives from the parts they reside in. The device uses quantum physics and the study of cosmic energies, analyzing the geopathic stress to scan unhealthy or negative frequencies of the environment around us, be it from an industrial, residential or individual surroundings, bringing about a balanced atmosphere.

Such technology identifies and takes out the harming frequencies in just a few sessions, be it the physical presence or virtual, providing long-term relief to the individual from the pain they had been enduring, unknown about its cause.

The idea of such originated when they read about Quantum physics and got fascinated by the different energies that are present around us, like cosmic energies, magnetic energy, earth energies of geopathic stress, along with the Ultraviolet-Infrared radiation points, and the seven colours related to SAP points on the earth’s surface. There is negative energy everywhere around us and through the knowledge of such tech, it is found that Cosmic energy helps your chakras, keeping them positive and solving your Vastu Problems i, earth minerals, with a combination of Quantum energy and healing in a quick session.

“As far as the property is concerned, we have other kinds of solutions and we make sure 360-degree negative energies are subsided and create a shield for protection and boost positive energies and create harmony around the property.”, exclaims Shastra aura

This technology is an enhanced medical tech that understands the highs and the lows of the frequencies, the number of negative and positive energies that surround us, and analyzes it providing a soul-fulfilling solution. Each human has a different level of stress management, and problems, Shastra aura functions to provide 100% solutions with magnificent results. Looking for a stronger society and worry-free future, through such quantification of energies, you’d find the answers to the questions that seem unanswered to you.

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