Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

Explore the top 10 GreenTech startups in India that are leading the way in environmental sustainability with innovative green technologies. Discover how these pioneering companies are leveraging renewable energy, waste management, sustainable agriculture, and clean technologies to provide eco-friendly solutions. Learn about their impact on reducing carbon footprints, promoting sustainable practices, and driving environmental conservation across India.

GreenTech startups in India are at the forefront of developing innovative technologies and solutions to address environmental challenges. Here’s an overview of the top 10 startups:

1. Climate Connect

Climate Connect specializes in AI-driven energy analytics and solutions, helping businesses optimize energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint.

MissionTo enable sustainable energy transitions through advanced analytics
ServicesEnergy data analytics, carbon footprint management, renewable energy solutions
Key FeaturesAI-powered insights, predictive analytics, climate risk assessment
WebsiteClimate Connect
Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

Climate Connect utilizes AI and machine learning to provide real-time energy data analytics, enabling businesses to optimize their energy usage and reduce carbon emissions effectively. Their solutions cater to industries looking to transition towards sustainable energy practices.

2. ZunRoof

ZunRoof offers solar rooftop solutions, leveraging IoT and data analytics to optimize solar energy generation for residential and commercial properties.

MissionTo democratize solar power adoption through technology-driven solutions
ServicesSolar rooftop installations, energy management, IoT-enabled solar panels
Key FeaturesRemote monitoring, solar financing options, energy efficiency audits
Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

ZunRoof revolutionizes solar energy adoption by integrating IoT and data analytics into their solar rooftop solutions. They provide customized installations and energy management services, empowering consumers to harness renewable energy effectively.

3. TrashCon

TrashCon develops waste management solutions with a focus on converting mixed waste into compost and recyclables using automated technologies.

MissionTo automate waste processing and reduce landfill dependency
ServicesWaste segregation, automated composting machines, recycling solutions
Key FeaturesIoT-enabled sensors, AI-based waste sorting, scalable waste management
Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

TrashCon pioneers automated waste processing with IoT and AI technologies, offering scalable solutions for waste segregation and composting. Their innovations aim to minimize environmental impact and promote circular economy practices.

4. Skymet Weather Services

Skymet Weather Services provides weather forecasting and climate risk assessment services, supporting agricultural and industrial sectors.

MissionTo enhance climate resilience through accurate weather data
ServicesWeather forecasting, climate risk analytics, agriculture advisory
Key FeaturesHyperlocal weather data, disaster management support, historical climate trends
WebsiteSkymet Weather Services
Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

Skymet Weather Services delivers accurate weather forecasts and climate risk assessments, essential for sectors vulnerable to climate variability. Their data-driven solutions aid in informed decision-making and disaster preparedness.

5. Irrigation Automation Solutions (IAS)

IAS develops smart irrigation systems using IoT and AI technologies to optimize water usage in agriculture and landscaping.

MissionTo promote sustainable water management through smart irrigation
ServicesIoT-based irrigation controllers, soil moisture sensors, water management solutions
Key FeaturesPrecision irrigation, remote monitoring, water-saving algorithms
Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

IAS enhances agricultural productivity with IoT-enabled smart irrigation solutions. Their technology ensures efficient water management, reduces water wastage, and supports sustainable farming practices.

6. Ather Energy

Ather Energy manufactures electric scooters and develops charging infrastructure, promoting clean mobility solutions in urban environments.

MissionTo accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles for sustainable urban mobility
ServicesElectric scooters, charging infrastructure, battery swapping stations
Key FeaturesHigh-performance EVs, intelligent battery management, public charging network
WebsiteAther Energy
Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

Ather Energy pioneers electric mobility with stylish and high-performance electric scooters. Their ecosystem includes smart charging solutions, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and enhance urban air quality.

7. Smart Joules

Smart Joules offers energy efficiency solutions for commercial buildings, using data analytics to optimize HVAC systems and reduce energy consumption.

MissionTo improve energy efficiency and sustainability in commercial sectors
HeadquartersNew Delhi
ServicesEnergy audits, HVAC optimization, building energy management
Key FeaturesReal-time energy analytics, demand-side management, retrofit solutions
WebsiteSmart Joules
Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

Smart Joules focuses on enhancing energy efficiency in commercial buildings through advanced analytics and HVAC optimization. Their solutions help businesses achieve significant energy savings and reduce their carbon footprint.

8. BluSmart Mobility

BluSmart Mobility operates a fleet of electric vehicles for zero-emission ride-hailing services, promoting sustainable urban transport.

MissionTo provide eco-friendly mobility solutions with electric vehicles
HeadquartersNew Delhi
ServicesElectric vehicle taxis, ride-hailing app, zero-emission transportation
Key FeaturesAI-driven fleet management, fast-charging infrastructure, customer-centric services
WebsiteBluSmart Mobility
Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

BluSmart Mobility offers eco-friendly ride-hailing services powered by electric vehicles. Their platform integrates AI for efficient fleet management and contributes to reducing urban air pollution.

9. Tessol

Tessol provides cold chain solutions with energy-efficient refrigeration technologies, ensuring food preservation and reducing food waste.

MissionTo revolutionize cold chain logistics with sustainable refrigeration solutions
ServicesEnergy-efficient cold storage, refrigerated transport, thermal energy management
Key FeaturesSolar-powered refrigeration, IoT-enabled monitoring, temperature-sensitive cargo handling
Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

Tessol innovates in cold chain logistics with sustainable refrigeration technologies. Their solutions help maintain product quality, reduce energy consumption, and promote food security.

10. Blue Planet Environmental Solutions

Blue Planet Environmental Solutions focuses on waste-to-resource solutions, converting organic waste into compost and biogas.

MissionTo create sustainable waste management practices with resource recovery
ServicesOrganic waste management, biogas plants, waste-to-energy projects
Key FeaturesBiotechnology applications, community waste management, circular economy initiatives
WebsiteBlue Planet Environmental Solutions
Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

Blue Planet Environmental Solutions promotes circular economy principles by converting organic waste into valuable resources like compost and biogas. Their initiatives support sustainable waste management practices.

FAQs about Top 10 GreenTech Startups in India

Q: What are GreenTech startups?

A: GreenTech startups develop innovative technologies and solutions to address environmental challenges, promoting sustainability across various sectors.

Q: How do GreenTech startups contribute to environmental sustainability?

A: They focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste management, and sustainable transportation to reduce carbon footprint and conserve natural resources.

Q: What challenges do GreenTech startups face in India?

A: Challenges include regulatory hurdles, scalability, technology adoption costs, and educating consumers about the benefits of green technologies.

Q: What role does innovation play in GreenTech startups?

A: Innovation drives the development of eco-friendly technologies, improving efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and creating new business opportunities.

Q: What is the future outlook for GreenTech startups in India?

A: The future looks promising as GreenTech startups continue to innovate and collaborate, contributing to India’s sustainable development goals and addressing global environmental challenges.


GreenTech startups in India are driving innovation and sustainability across industries, from renewable energy to smart mobility and waste management. With their focus on technological advancements and eco-friendly solutions, these startups are instrumental in mitigating environmental impact and promoting a greener future. As they scale their operations and collaborate with stakeholders, GreenTech startups will play a pivotal role in shaping India’s sustainable development trajectory.