Want to learn foreign Languages Free, join PURASKAAR online Classes  

<strong>Want to learn foreign Languages Free, join PURASKAAR online Classes </strong> 

Puraskaar is an NGO that was started in 2020 as a movement by Mr Gautam Kumar. He is an alumnus of JNU, New Delhi and has more than ten years of experience as a Japanese Language Expert. Puraskaar aims to provide free and easily accessible online courses to students from all sections of society. It was started to support the children whose families are dealing with financial crisis either due to lockdown during COVID 19 or any other reason to ensure no obstacle can object to their hunger for knowledge.  

The idea originated when Mr Gautam shared the story of his house help with his students. His house helps children struggle to study in the online medium and expressive courses. While thinking about his house help`s children, Mr Gautam thought about the numerous children in the country who are all going through the same problem. Moreover, with the help of his students, he came up with the idea of Puraskaar, a gift of education. So what started as an initiative by five people is now an organization of more than two hundred volunteers and fifty plus faculties.  

Their courses range from academics to co-curricular activities like art, singing, dance and yoga and include classes in different languages like English, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Spanish, to name a few. Not only this, to date, they have arranged over 28 webinars and have catered to over 800 students. In addition, they also offer career counselling, psychological counselling and courses on programming languages like Python and various entrance tests like CUET, JNU entrance etc. 

Puraskaar believes in giving students the best opportunities to learn and evolve. Not a single penny is charged to students, and the whole team works diligently without salary, pay or commission. They have committed their time and contribution towards uplifting and serving society and consider that nothing can stop a person from learning and educating. The hunger for knowledge is enough for anyone to come forth and learn from the platform, Puraskaar. They believe that their efforts to bring the slightest change in a student`s life is their paycheck.  

Puraskaar is a movement by youth, students, teachers and anyone interested in making the slightest effort to bring out a positive change in the life of others through education. Education multiplies when it is shared, and Puraskaar`s motto “Kalam se Kalam tak” brings out the spirit of the organization.   

To help others in learning new tongues and shine through knowledge, PURASKAAR is working as a bridge for the students, for the achievers. PURASKAAR is an NGO, which provides free education by assisting and educating those who are willing to dive into the ocean of knowledge. The vision of PURASKAAR is the upliftment and empowerment of society through education. The free online classes, aim is to help students from all sections of society in dealing with the lockdown and other financial challenges posed by COVID-19. Not only in academics but also in art and craft, from English to Japanese, it is providing students the best opportunities to learn more and shine. Adde by Puraskaar Acdemic head Nabanita  

Puraskaar is there to help you with your mission. This institution teaches Japanese, Spanish, Korean, French, German, Russian, and Chinese to all eager learners. Do check our website and contact us to know more.  Unlock the magic for yourselves! Added by Puraskaar Volunteer Pallavi Das  

Volunteers at Puraskaar is doing this noble work so that our country will not be deprived of critical thinkers. Faculties of Puraskaar Foundation are providing high-quality free education to nurture the talent of our country. The goal undertaken by Puraskaar Foundation will surely help our country to stand out in the world. This collective teamwork by volunteers will surely make our country proud in this digital era globally. Added by Hina Tandon (Puraskaar Content Team) 

You can visit Puraskaar’s website at www.puraskaar.org or follow its Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page.