Renowned Dentist Dr Aastha Chandra on creating beautiful, handcrafted smiles!

August, Mumbai: People spend tons of money on fashion-be it clothes, makeup, jewellery, shoes, etc, that keep changing with the seasons but what they often forget is that the one most beautiful aspect of a person is their smile and that lasts for a lifetime!
With a mission to bust all your myths or rather “fear” of going to the dentist and change people’s perception about dentists and how they associate dental and oral treatments with something painful and expensive; Dr Aastha Chandra launched the Opal Dental Care Studio- your go-to destination for all your dental and oral care needs. Delivering a multi-speciality treatment ranging from general dental cleaning, and root canals to more advanced cosmetic and restorative dental treatments like smile designing, dental veneers, dental implants, dentures, crowns and bridges, and many more. To achieve excellence in every step, each treatment involves modern technology and equipment, advanced procedure delivery systems, and international standards of care, providing a suitable approach for patients of all ages.

Located centrally in the affluent suburbs of Mumbai and turning around the usual image of ‘cold, drab, and eerie’ dental clinics, Opal Dental Care Studio is designed in such a way that doesn’t feel like a visit to the dentist but rather a relaxation spa. While only a 2-chair set-up, a lot of attention has been paid to the details from real copper being embedded in seamless concrete floors to a tv right on the ceiling above the patient’s chair, for them to watch or listen to their favourite music and have their favourite beverage from a curated menu, making it a smooth experience.

“We wanted to create a simple, warm and welcoming space, exuding life and muted elegance.” Says Dr. Aastha, Founder and Chief Dentist. Using seamless and natural materials that showcase minimalism and authenticity like white concrete with real copper inlays, Opal exuberates simple elegance in every inch. With minutest attention to detail, Opal creates a comfortable environment for anyone seeking an enjoyable dental care experience.

The fear of going to a dentist most often comes from previous bad experiences that they have experienced personally or heard from others. Undoing this is always a challenge and Dr Aastha aces this challenge effortlessly, by discussing the patient’s dental issues with them in detail, explaining the procedures every step of the way, and only doing what the patient desires. Unlike other dental practices, the patients are not pushed into unnecessary treatments, done with absolute precision the treatments are made as painless and desirable as possible. Having completed her graduation from one of India’s premier institutions – Government Dental College (GDC), Mumbai, Dr Aastha has assisted and worked with some of the best Doctors and renowned Specialists to deeply understand and master the latest technologies and advancements in dentistry and now working for over a decade she has truly become a master of the craft. She is extremely passionate about dental care and specialises in cosmetic smile designing- which involves perfectly aligning the teeth and artistically creating a straighter, whiter, and wider smile. Along with designing the highest calibre smiles within weeks- almost in no time, she is also the queen of dental veneers which are slowly gaining popularity and changing the face of the industry.

A crack in the teeth can quickly turn into a crack in one’s confidence, but with Dr Aastha’s expertise in cosmetic dental veneers that are almost undetectable and feel like natural teeth, one can feel confident and empowered in their own skin. Taking utmost care, treating every patient’s dental care needs by using her honed skills, she has provided gratifying results to her patients, who light up the room with their beautifully handcrafted smiles.

With people becoming more aware of their dental & oral hygiene and how it also affects the overall health system, Dr Aastha aims to redefine the concept of dentistry, diminish the negative connotations attached, and revolutionise modern cosmetic dentistry. “The possibilities in cosmetic dentistry, especially with the nuances in technology, are endless. This intrigues me as much as it excites me. When I see the satisfaction on a patient’s face through their renewed smile, it gives me the motivation to constantly keep innovating to make every smile even more glorious.” says Dr Aastha, Founder & Chief Dentist.

From a simple tooth whitening to a root canal to veneers and smile design using the latest cutting-edge technology with care and precision, look no further than Opal Dental Care which encompasses a vast range of dental services. Bid farewell to all those painful dentist appointments and experience a painless and dental joyful adventure like never before!

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