Discover Top 10 AdTech Startups in India

Top 10 AdTech Startups in India
Top 10 AdTech Startups in India

Explore the top 10 AdTech startups in India that are reshaping digital advertising with cutting-edge technologies and creative solutions. Discover how these innovative companies are leveraging AI, machine learning, data analytics, and programmatic advertising to optimize ad targeting, enhance campaign effectiveness, and drive ROI. Learn about their impact on the advertising industry in India and their contributions to advancing digital marketing strategies and consumer engagement.

The advertising technology (AdTech) industry in India is witnessing significant growth, driven by innovative startups that are redefining the way businesses reach and engage their audiences. These companies leverage advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), data analytics, and programmatic advertising to deliver more effective and efficient ad campaigns. Here’s a detailed overview of the top 10 AdTech startups in India, each making a unique impact on the advertising landscape.

1. InMobi

2 14

InMobi is a global leader in mobile advertising and marketing. It offers a range of solutions including mobile advertising, enterprise platforms for marketers, and monetization solutions for publishers.

MissionTo enable consumers and businesses to make smarter decisions
ServicesMobile advertising, marketing cloud, monetization solutions
Key FeaturesAI-driven insights, global reach, comprehensive ad solutions
Top 10 AdTech Startups in India

InMobi’s platform provides advertisers with AI-driven insights to optimize their campaigns and reach their target audience effectively. It also offers monetization solutions for publishers, helping them maximize their ad revenue.

2. AdPushup

3 15

AdPushup is a revenue optimization platform for web publishers that uses automated A/B testing to optimize ad layouts and increase ad revenue.

MissionTo help publishers increase their ad revenue through innovative technology
HeadquartersNew Delhi
ServicesAd revenue optimization, automated A/B testing, header bidding
Key FeaturesEasy integration, real-time analytics, AI-driven optimization
Top 10 AdTech Startups in India

AdPushup’s platform leverages automated A/B testing and header bidding to help publishers optimize their ad layouts and increase their ad revenue. Its AI-driven approach ensures continuous improvement and higher earnings for publishers.

3. Affle

4 14

Affle is a global technology company that provides end-to-end solutions for mobile advertising. It focuses on consumer acquisition, engagement, and transactions through relevant mobile ads.

MissionTo enhance returns on marketing investment through contextual mobile ads
ServicesMobile advertising, audience intelligence, fraud detection
Key FeaturesData-driven insights, omni-channel reach, fraud detection
Top 10 AdTech Startups in India

Affle’s platform uses data-driven insights to deliver contextual mobile ads that enhance consumer engagement and drive transactions. It also offers audience intelligence and fraud detection capabilities to ensure high-quality ad delivery.

4. RevX

5 13

RevX is a performance marketing platform that helps advertisers engage users through app retargeting and programmatic advertising. It focuses on driving conversions and maximizing ROI.

MissionTo help advertisers achieve performance marketing goals through retargeting and programmatic ads
ServicesApp retargeting, programmatic advertising, performance marketing
Key FeaturesUser-level insights, real-time bidding, conversion optimization
Top 10 AdTech Startups in India

RevX’s platform enables advertisers to retarget app users and deliver personalized ads through programmatic advertising. Its focus on performance marketing ensures that advertisers achieve higher conversions and maximize their return on investment.

5. Adsyndicate

6 13

Adsyndicate is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers a wide range of services including digital advertising, social media marketing, content creation, and SEO.

MissionTo deliver impactful digital marketing solutions that drive business growth
ServicesDigital advertising, social media marketing, content creation, SEO
Key FeaturesCustomized strategies, creative solutions, data-driven approach
Top 10 AdTech Startups in India

Adsyndicate’s comprehensive digital marketing services help businesses build their brand, engage their audience, and drive growth.

6. GreedyGame

7 14

GreedyGame is a native ad platform that helps mobile app developers integrate non-intrusive ads into their apps. It focuses on enhancing user experience while maximizing ad revenue.

MissionTo create seamless ad experiences that benefit both developers and users
ServicesNative ad integration, app monetization, ad mediation
Key FeaturesNon-intrusive ads, user-friendly integration, revenue optimization
Top 10 AdTech Startups in India

GreedyGame’s platform allows app developers to integrate native ads that blend seamlessly with their app’s design.

7. Vserv

8 13

Vserv is a mobile marketing platform that provides data-driven advertising solutions. It focuses on targeting the right audience with personalized ads to drive engagement and conversions.

MissionTo drive impactful mobile advertising through data-driven targeting and personalization
ServicesMobile marketing, audience targeting, ad personalization
Key FeaturesData-driven insights, audience segmentation, personalized ads
Top 10 AdTech Startups in India

Vserv’s platform leverages data-driven insights to deliver personalized mobile ads that resonate with the target audience. Its focus on audience segmentation and ad personalization ensures higher engagement and conversion rates.

8. SilverPush

9 13

SilverPush is a contextual advertising technology company that helps brands reach their audience through relevant ads. It uses AI and machine learning to deliver in-video and display ads.

MissionTo enhance brand visibility and engagement through contextual and relevant advertising
ServicesContextual advertising, in-video ads, display ads
Key FeaturesAI-driven targeting, contextual relevance, cross-platform reach
Top 10 AdTech Startups in India

SilverPush’s technology ensures that brands reach their audience with ads that are contextually relevant, enhancing engagement and brand visibility.

9. Tyroo

10 14

Tyroo is a performance marketing company that focuses on driving user acquisition and engagement through native and video ads. It offers solutions for app marketers and e-commerce brands.

MissionTo drive user acquisition and engagement through innovative ad formats
ServicesNative ads, video ads, performance marketing
Key FeaturesUser acquisition, engagement solutions, data-driven targeting
Top 10 AdTech Startups in India

Tyroo’s platform helps app marketers and e-commerce brands achieve their performance marketing goals through native and video ads.

10. Vizury

11 13

Vizury is a customer engagement and retention platform that uses AI to deliver personalized marketing messages across channels. It focuses on enhancing customer lifetime value through targeted campaigns.

MissionTo maximize customer lifetime value through personalized and targeted marketing
ServicesCustomer engagement, retention marketing, cross-channel campaigns
Key FeaturesAI-driven personalization, targeted messaging, omnichannel reach
Top 10 AdTech Startups in India

Vizury’s platform uses AI to deliver personalized marketing messages that enhance customer engagement and retention.

FAQs about Top 10 AdTech Startups in India

Q: What is an AdTech startup?

A: An AdTech startup is a company that uses technology to innovate and improve various aspects of advertising, including ad targeting, delivery, measurement, and optimization. These startups leverage advanced technologies to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of ad campaigns.

Q: How do AdTech startups benefit businesses?

A: AdTech startups benefit businesses by providing advanced tools and platforms that optimize ad targeting, improve engagement, increase conversions, and maximize return on investment. They help businesses reach their target audience more effectively and efficiently.

Q: What technologies are commonly used by AdTech startups?

A: Common technologies used by AdTech startups include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), data analytics, programmatic advertising, real-time bidding, and automation tools to enhance ad delivery and performance.

Q: How can AdTech startups improve ad targeting?

A: AdTech startups improve ad targeting by leveraging data analytics

and AI to analyze user behavior, preferences, and demographics. This allows them to deliver personalized and relevant ads to the right audience at the right time.

Q: Are AdTech solutions suitable for small businesses?

A: Yes, many AdTech solutions are scalable and can be tailored to meet the needs of small businesses. These solutions help small businesses optimize their advertising efforts, reach their target audience, and achieve better results with limited resources.


The AdTech landscape in India is rapidly evolving, with startups introducing innovative solutions that transform how businesses reach and engage their audiences. From mobile advertising and revenue optimization to contextual targeting and customer engagement, these AdTech startups are driving significant improvements in ad efficiency, effectiveness, and ROI. As technology continues to advance, we can expect these AdTech startups to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of advertising in India, making it more data-driven, personalized, and impactful.