“ I AM WOMEN OF THE YEAR “ award show held at the constitutional club of INDIA

award show

On the occasion of International Women’s Day “I Am Woman of the Year”, the award show was organized by network Rainbow Media at the CONSTITUTION Club of India located on Parliament Street, New Delhi. The show was organized by Anjali founder of network rainbow media. In this award show, women from different states of the country were honored with awards. Mr. Gray, the director of The Gray Production, who was accompanying as an associate partner in this event played an important role in making this program a success Dr. Kalpna Sharma, Meenakshi Pange, who was presented as a special guest & in the role of Chief Guest Anju Sharma & Isha  Alone with them, the guest of honor was, Rajneesh Ramesh Matiala, Garima & dr. Sadhana Singh Anjali, the organizer of the show said that today we have honored those women who have succeeded in making a different identity on the basis of their hard work in one or the other field, today a small program was organized by our company in which, we feel that this type of program should encourage all those women so that they continue to do such work in future also and have been successful in making a different identity in the society.  Anjali further said that I thank all those women who took out their valuable time for our program and played an important role in making this program a success, as well as today I would also thank our show’s anchor Shyama Dubey & also all the chief guests and the most important NRM team.


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