India’s Young Entrepreneur Vinayak Wadile is ready to Conquering the Chess World

India’s Young Entrepreneur Vinayak Wadile is ready to Conquering the Chess World

No dream is too hard to achieve if you have the right mindset for it. India’s Young Entrepreneur Vinayak Wadile is ready to Conquering the Chess World A journey that once started with a small dream of winning a trophy in a school chess tournament gave birth to a kid’s professional chess career. This is the story of Vinayak Wadile with no professional sports background and a stubborn attitude that made it to the level he never imagined.

Vinayak played his first match in 6th standard on being provoked by another kid that he couldn’t do it. Compelled by his stubbornness, Vinayak decided to compete in chess and did so with flying colors, this was an unlimited milestone for his future dream. He was stunned by the achievement as this wasn’t something he could imagine himself doing. Neither had he an outshining personality nor any aim, he was an average student since the beginning. 

From 6-8th standard Vinayak saw no luck in chess as he drastically failed in the school tournaments. But the determination to prove him hadn’t worn off till now. Vinayak decided to teach himself, so he bought a book and started practicing for perfection. Once he started playing chess, no other sport could excite him as much, hence there was no turning back. He would play it for hours and grow habitual of his game. With that chess manual in one hand and hunger to learn, he played those school chess tournaments and failed abruptly. But failure never bothered him anyway. 

Vinayak knew that losing games is inevitable but learning from losses is important to remark your history. He would keep on playing and recording his moves till he got better. Soon after failing in school competitions, finally, he won a state chess competition while he was in 10th and District competition in 11th standard. This event threw him an opportunity to interact with Sunil Sharma the coach of famous Grandmaster Vidit Gujrathi. Meeting him in person made Vinayak inclined towards the sport.

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Vinayak started hunting down the facts about chess and grew his knowledge to a great level in 12 standards. With this knowledge and his talent, he competed in 200+ matches just in that year. He later took a break from chess for a year but returned in 2015 as an administrator. The hunger to gain more lived in him till his International Competition in which he could be the winner. The amount of risks he took to achieve his dream of becoming a master in chess is just mind-numbing. 

Vinayak Wadile
Vinayak Wadile, with 5 times World Chess Champion Vishwanath Anand

Who knew that child who uses to cry for flying airplanes in the sky in his childhood would be able ever to reach the sky when he grew up?India’s Young Entrepreneur Vinayak Wadile is ready to Conquering the Chess World

Which started once with a baby plant has now become a huge business tree of a young Entrepreneur from Nasik, Vinayak Jagannath Wadile, started his business odyssey with an idea to gather chess lovers online from around the globe under one roof. 

After Football, Chess is the second most popular game played in 195+ countries. There are more than 1 Million Chess players in India’s 28 states, having 25 lakhs+ players from Maharashtra’s 36 districts and around 15,000+ are from Nashik. This results as out of 7.7 billion populations there are 6 billion chess players in the world. On keeping these stats in mind, there was a need for a revolution in the chess world. Hence, Vinayak Jagannath Wadile, an International Fide Rated Chess Player came with the vision of creating masters of chess. 

He launched Asia’s first chess website on 19 Aug 2016 ‘’. To bring all the like-minded people together on one platform where they can play, learn and earn with chess. Which has now become one of the popular platforms in the field of chess. The platform is loaded with interactive and well-updated features like 1000’s Puzzles & Quizzes for the game’s development, Live games, Tournament Calendar, Articles from renowned chess players, Leader board, and many more.

To promote & raise awareness regarding chess and this incredible platform, Vinayak Wadile arranged several offline International, National & State level tournaments and coaching camps. No step taken towards the benefit of others has ever resulted in a bad outcome. This work by Vinayak gets its fruits in 2016 as “Startup of the year” in 2017. Chessvicky was awarded as the “Best 500 startups” in India in 2020 and was also recognized by Startup India.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it“, he didn’t stop here and has no plans to do so later. He launched a ‘Chessvicky App’ an educational tool. The main goal for him is that Chess should be taught as a subject in every school from the primary classes. Indian parents should learn from other countries and promote their kids to have active participation in sports. There is no right time for the child to learn sports. According to various studies, the early kids are involved in sports the better is for their overall development. If we work hard on this our country will soon reach the top with a large number of chess masters.

Every day the company is achieving new milestones with the team. Vinayak Wadile, the Founder and CEO of the Chessvicky received many laurels like Nashik Mirchi Youth Icon Award 2018, National Young Birla Indian Award 2019, and State Kridaratna Award 2020. He is also working as the Managing director of Sportify International Pre School, Organize My Event Company, and Chessvicky School.

Even though he failed at first while he was close to his goal, but he never gave up. In addition to being a player, Vinayak has contributed significantly to chess in India. The growth of chess thrived while he organized many events and competitions. His work as an administrator was a big boost to chess. After every time he took a step back, he always came back with renewed vigor and enthusiasm. He made sure to achieve the greatest wealth of satisfaction by believing in himself and becoming the one he desires.


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