Top 10 GovTech Startups in India

Top 10 GovTech Startups in India

Explore the top 10 GovTech startups in India revolutionizing public services with innovative solutions. Discover leading companies like eGov Foundation and CivicDataLab, their key features, and services enhancing urban governance, public transportation, and healthcare. Learn how these startups are transforming government operations, improving transparency, and driving efficiency across the country. Dive into detailed insights on the best GovTech innovations shaping the future of governance in India.

India’s public sector is witnessing a transformative wave of innovation brought about by GovTech startups. These companies leverage technology to enhance government services, improve transparency, and drive efficiency in public administration. Here, we highlight ten standout GovTech startups making significant strides in transforming the Indian governance landscape.

1. eGov Foundation

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eGov Foundation, founded in 2003 and headquartered in Bengaluru, aims to improve urban governance and service delivery. It provides digital platforms for managing municipal functions, such as property tax, water, and sanitation services.

ServicesUrban governance solutions
Key FeatureMunicipal digital platforms
InnovationProperty tax, water, sanitation management
eGov Foundation – Top 10 GovTech Startups in India

2. CivicDataLab

3 7

CivicDataLab, established in 2017 in New Delhi, uses data and technology to strengthen the public sector. It collaborates with government bodies to enhance data-driven decision-making and transparency.

HeadquartersNew Delhi
ServicesData-driven public sector solutions
Key FeatureGovernment collaboration
InnovationData transparency, decision-making
CivicDataLab – Top 10 GovTech Startups in India

3. Stellapps

4 6

Stellapps, founded in 2011 and based in Bengaluru, is an end-to-end dairy technology solutions company. It integrates IoT, cloud, and data analytics to improve milk production, procurement, and processing.

ServicesDairy technology solutions
Key FeatureEnd-to-end dairy solutions
InnovationIoT, cloud, data analytics
Stellapps – Top 10 GovTech Startups in India

4. Trigyn Technologies

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Trigyn Technologies, established in 1986 in Mumbai, offers IT solutions and services for various government projects. It specializes in e-governance, smart cities, and public safety systems.

ServicesIT solutions for government
Key FeatureE-governance, smart cities
InnovationPublic safety systems
Trigyn Technologies – Top 10 GovTech Startups in India

5. Zuppa

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Zuppa, founded in 2015 and headquartered in Chennai, provides AI-powered solutions for public transportation management. It offers real-time tracking, route optimization, and predictive maintenance for urban transit systems.

ServicesPublic transportation management
Key FeatureAI-powered solutions
InnovationReal-time tracking, route optimization
Zuppa – Top 10 GovTech Startups in India

6. Signzy

7 5

Signzy, established in 2015 in Bengaluru, provides digital onboarding solutions for the government sector. It uses AI and blockchain to streamline and secure KYC processes, enhancing transparency and efficiency.

ServicesDigital onboarding, KYC
Key FeatureAI, blockchain
InnovationSecure KYC processes
Signzy – Top 10 GovTech Startups in India

7. Janaagraha

8 5

Janaagraha, founded in 2001 and based in Bengaluru, focuses on improving urban governance and citizen participation. It offers platforms and tools to enhance civic engagement and public accountability.

ServicesUrban governance, civic engagement
Key FeaturePublic accountability tools
InnovationPlatforms for citizen participation
Janaagraha – Top 10 GovTech Startups in India

8. Forus Health

9 5

Forus Health, established in 2010 in Bengaluru, develops affordable healthcare technology solutions. Its products, such as the 3nethra device, are used for screening and diagnosing common eye problems, making healthcare accessible in rural areas.

ServicesHealthcare technology solutions
Key FeatureAffordable healthcare devices
InnovationEye screening and diagnosis
Forus Health – Top 10 GovTech Startups in India

9. UrbanClap (now Urban Company)

10 6

UrbanClap, launched in 2014 in Gurugram, provides a platform for local services. It connects customers with service professionals for home maintenance, beauty, and wellness services, streamlining the delivery of these services through technology.

ServicesLocal services platform
Key FeatureConnecting service professionals
InnovationHome maintenance, beauty, wellness
UrbanClap (now Urban Company) – Top 10 GovTech Startups in India


11 5, founded in 2020 and headquartered in Bengaluru, offers AI-powered mapping and geospatial solutions. It provides custom map data and location services for various government and public sector applications.

ServicesMapping, geospatial solutions
Key FeatureAI-powered maps
InnovationCustom map data, location services – Top 10 GovTech Startups in India

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Top 10 GovTech Startups in India

Q: What is a GovTech startup?

A: A GovTech startup leverages technology to develop innovative solutions for the public sector. These startups focus on improving government services, enhancing transparency, and driving efficiency in public administration.

Q: How do GovTech startups benefit the public sector and citizens?

A: GovTech startups benefit the public sector by providing tools and platforms that streamline operations, improve service delivery, and enhance transparency. Citizens benefit from more efficient government services, increased transparency, and better access to public resources.

Q: Are GovTech startups regulated in India?

A: Yes, GovTech startups in India are subject to regulations and guidelines set by government bodies and industry standards to ensure the safety, efficacy, and transparency of the services they provide.

Q: How can I trust the quality of services offered by GovTech startups?

A: GovTech startups often adhere to industry standards, obtain necessary certifications, and partner with reputable government bodies to ensure the quality and reliability of their services. Users can also check for user reviews, ratings, and feedback to gauge the reputation of a GovTech startup before using its services.

Q: What types of solutions do GovTech startups offer?

A: GovTech startups offer a variety of solutions, including digital platforms for governance, data-driven decision-making tools, public safety systems, healthcare technology, and transportation management solutions. These innovations cater to the evolving needs of government bodies and citizens.


India’s GovTech startups are playing a pivotal role in transforming the public sector. By leveraging technology, these companies are enhancing government services, improving transparency, and driving efficiency in public administration. As these startups continue to grow and innovate, they are making significant strides in enhancing the governance experience for both government bodies and citizens, paving the way for a more efficient and transparent public sector.