Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Startups in India

Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Startups in India

Discover the top 10 sustainable fashion startups in India that are leading the way with eco-friendly materials, ethical manufacturing, and innovative designs. Learn how these companies are transforming the fashion industry and promoting sustainability.

Sustainable fashion is gaining momentum in India, with startups focusing on eco-friendly practices, ethical production, and sustainable materials. These startups are making significant strides in transforming the fashion industry. Here are the top 10 sustainable fashion startups in India:

1. No Nasties

No Nasties is a pioneer in the Indian sustainable fashion scene, offering 100% organic and fair trade clothing. They focus on creating eco-friendly apparel that is stylish and comfortable.

ProductsOrganic clothing
Key Features100% organic, fair trade
WebsiteNo Nasties
Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Startups in India

2. Doodlage

Doodlage is known for its upcycled fashion, creating garments from factory waste and recycled materials. Their unique designs and sustainable approach make them a standout in the industry.

HeadquartersNew Delhi
ProductsUpcycled clothing
Key FeaturesUpcycling, eco-friendly materials
Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Startups in India

3. Brown Boy

Brown Boy offers a range of organic and ethical fashion products. They emphasize fair trade practices and use organic cotton to create stylish and sustainable clothing.

ProductsOrganic clothing
Key FeaturesFair trade, organic cotton
WebsiteBrown Boy
Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Startups in India

4. Upasana

Upasana combines sustainability with social responsibility, working with local artisans to create eco-friendly fashion. Their products range from clothing to accessories, all made with sustainable materials.

ProductsSustainable fashion
Key FeaturesArtisan collaborations, eco-friendly materials
Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Startups in India

5. Ka-Sha

Ka-Sha focuses on conscious fashion by using traditional Indian techniques and sustainable materials. Their designs reflect a blend of contemporary style and cultural heritage.

ProductsConscious fashion
Key FeaturesTraditional techniques, sustainable materials
Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Startups in India

6. Rimagined

Rimagined offers upcycled and eco-friendly fashion, transforming waste materials into stylish products. They focus on reducing waste and promoting sustainable consumption.

ProductsUpcycled fashion
Key FeaturesWaste reduction, eco-friendly products
Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Startups in India

7. Ethicus

Ethicus combines sustainability with luxury, offering handwoven organic cotton garments. They work closely with farmers and artisans to ensure fair practices and high-quality products.

ProductsHandwoven clothing
Key FeaturesOrganic cotton, fair trade
Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Startups in India

8. Nicobar

Nicobar creates sustainable fashion with a modern twist, focusing on timeless designs and eco-friendly materials. They emphasize minimalism and sustainability in their collections.

ProductsSustainable fashion
Key FeaturesMinimalism, eco-friendly materials
Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Startups in India

9. Chakori Ethnic

Chakori Ethnic specializes in handcrafted and sustainable ethnic wear. They collaborate with artisans to create unique and eco-friendly products that celebrate Indian heritage.

ProductsEthnic wear
Key FeaturesHandcrafted, sustainable practices
WebsiteChakori Ethnic
Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Startups in India

10. B Label

B Label offers sustainable fashion made from hemp, a highly eco-friendly material. Their products range from clothing to accessories, all promoting sustainability and conscious living.

ProductsHemp clothing
Key FeaturesHemp material, eco-friendly
WebsiteB Label
Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Startups in India

FAQs about Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Startups in India

Q: What makes fashion sustainable?
A: Sustainable fashion focuses on using eco-friendly materials, ethical production processes, and practices that reduce environmental impact and promote social responsibility.

Q: Why is sustainable fashion important?
A: Sustainable fashion helps reduce waste, minimize environmental damage, promote fair labor practices, and support the longevity of fashion products.

Q: How can consumers support sustainable fashion?
A: Consumers can support sustainable fashion by choosing brands that prioritize eco-friendly materials, ethical production, and transparency in their supply chains.

Q: What are some common sustainable materials used in fashion?
A: Common sustainable materials include organic cotton, hemp, recycled polyester, and upcycled fabrics.

Q: Are sustainable fashion products more expensive?
A: Sustainable fashion products may be more expensive due to higher production costs associated with ethical practices and eco-friendly materials, but they often offer better quality and longevity.


The sustainable fashion landscape in India is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by innovative startups that are committed to making the fashion industry more eco-friendly and ethical. These top 10 sustainable fashion startups are at the forefront of this change, offering stylish and sustainable fashion alternatives. Their dedication to using sustainable materials, ethical manufacturing, and innovative designs is crucial for reducing the industry’s environmental impact and promoting fair trade practices. As these startups continue to grow and innovate, they are poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future of fashion in India, making it more sustainable, responsible, and impactful.

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