Unleashing Innovation: iAngels Launches Chennai Chapter with INR 100 Crore War Chest for 50 Startups!

Unleashing Innovation: iAngels Launches Chennai Chapter with INR 100 Crore War Chest for 50 Startups!

India Accelerator-backed iAngels is making waves in the southern startup scene with the grand reveal of its dynamic Chennai Chapter. This powerhouse move aims to turbocharge the local startup community’s growth, infusing a vibrant ecosystem through strategic alliances with educational institutions, corporate giants, and supporting entities.

Bridging the global with the local, iAngels is teaming up with Startup TN, IIT-M, KSUM, TiE Chennai, and NSCREL, forging an unbreakable chain to fortify Chennai’s startup haven. And that’s not all – the announcement comes at a time when Tamil Nadu’s innovation-driven policies are paving the way for groundbreaking entrepreneurial ventures.

Mona Singh, the trailblazing co-founder of India Accelerator, exclaimed, “We’re riding the wave of Tamil Nadu’s innovation surge, with the Chennai Chapter, we’re here to fuel the startup renaissance, catalyzing regional growth!”

iAngels, the pioneers of innovation, are set to bolster Chennai’s startup ecosystem with unwavering commitment. Enriched by the Tamil Nadu government’s support, they’re on a mission to erect an infrastructure powerhouse, propelling startups with unyielding guidance, a powerful network, and invaluable resources.

Hold tight, because iAngels is bringing their renowned rigorous selection process to Chennai’s vibrant streets. With acceptance rates rivaling unicorn sightings (yes, that rare!), a mere 4-5% make the cut. Picture this: a multi-stage journey where startups showcase their potential. Triumphantly emerging from this crucible, a metamorphosed assessment form marks the beginning of their official onboarding. It’s a four-month odyssey of business evolution and mentorship, propelling startups to greatness.

Harnessing the mighty iAngels Chennai Chapter, the promise of innovation growth becomes reality. Brace yourself for an avalanche of support, from hands-on mentorship to multi-level funding, from powerful corporate alliances to global expansion avenues – the possibilities are boundless! iAngels doesn’t just foster startups; they nurture dynasties of success.

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